Yellow and Cream Hedychium Flavum Butterfly Ginger

This is my documentation of my Yellow Cream Hedychium Flavum butterfly ginger.

Description: Hedychium Flavum ginger strives in zone 7 to 11. It is a tropical perennial and related to culinary ginger, it is considered one of the most attractive of all ginger lilies. It is easiest to grow. Grows best in semi-shaded areas but can live well in full sun if given continual moist soil. It can be grown directly in standing water such as a pond or river bank. From midsummer through autumn, it blooms clusters of yellow 6-12 in. wonderfully fragrant flowers.

Pollinators: They attract butterflies and honey bees and are gorgeous as cut floral arrangements.

Planting: I’m growing this beautiful ornamental fragrant ginger in zone 9B of central Florida. When I ordered it, it was a tiny 2 inches piece of rhizome for $16 in November 2019. Ginger grown from rhizomes establishes plants quicker than if plants are transplanted. The energy in a fresh rhizome will make a bigger plant faster than if you purchase a small plant, the rhizome is already a big plant; it just has not yet put out top growth. Rhizomes divisions do not suffer transplant stress like plants with leaves do. These ginger rhizomes stay very alive for weeks if just kept moist.

Growing: It’s happy thriving in the ground in my backyard near the fence near a flooding zone. It gets plenty of water and mostly shaded throughout the day. Choose a spot that gets full sun-part shade, keep watered, and your ginger will reward you with bloom. It will multiply annually.

Selling: When this ginger is blooming, I would sell a rooted bulb with stem and at least one viable eye locally on Facebook Marketplace for ten dollars. The root base is approximately 3/4 inches. They will grow full size for summer if planted in full sun to part shade. These will grow and multiply. So check my marketplace post if you are in Orlando area and interested in purchasing from me locally.

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