Buying & Growing Peanut Butter Fruit Tree

Introductory: This is my plant documentary on how to grow, prune, and propagate Bunchosia Argentea, also known as the Peanut Butter fruit tree. I will also list of some sellers including me and others I know at the end of this post. If you sell this tree, feel free to leave comment for this blog post. I grow and sell air layered Peanut Butter fruit tree and offers shipping for this fruit tree. My selling price is $40 for local pickup in Oviedo, Florida or $45 plus shipping cost via USPS Priority Mail. This price will be good from now until 2024.

Highlight reasons to grow a Peanut Butter Fruit tree in your food forest or edible garden:

Harvesting the fruit & fruit taste: Bunchosia Argentea is known as the Peanut Butter fruit because the ripen fruit taste like sweet peanut butter. The fruit size is small like the size of a pistachio. It has a thin flesh that’s edible. When the fruit ripens, it will become soft and the color would be a deep solid dark flaming orange color. The flesh is soft with a seed in the center of the fruit. Florida food foresters call it the instant yard snack. The fruit can be harvested ripen from the branch. You can harvest it a little early as soon there’s an orange tinge and let it soften and ripen on the counter within a couple of days. This fruit has poor shelf life and ripens quickly. Once the fruit ripens, the it would just fall down onto the ground.

Growing from seeds or from air-layer: Growing Peanut Butter from seeds will take about two years before it starts fruiting. Growing air-layered Peanut Butter fruit tree will guarantee fruit within the first year.

Growing in Container: The Peanut Butter fruit tree is a dwarf bushy fruiting plant rather than a “tree”. It is an ideal fruit tree for container growing. My friend grows this tree in a 15-gallon pot for a few years now and it’s fruiting continuously for him. If you choose to buy this air-layered fruit tree from me, it would arrived in a box with the root ball bagged in peat moss and perlite mixture. Pot the tree in a 15-gallon pot with Lowe’s StaGreen Potting Mix. Water the tree five days a week for the first two weeks and then at least three times a week afterward.

Planting in Ground: My mature Peanut Butter fruit tree is originally air-layered from my friend’s tree. In June 2021, I first planted the little air layered tree straight into the ground. For three months straight, it didn’t seem to grow an inch. In August 2021, I dug up the tree and noticed the oak roots from a nearby oak tree were strangling the fruit tree’s root ball. So I dug a large hole and place a 25-gallon pot with bottom cut out into the hole. I filled the bottom of the pot with veggie scraps and Black Kow with two scoops of worm castings. Then I poured in a bag of Lowes StaGreen Potting Mix. I finally then planted the air layered Peanut Butter Fruit tree into the 25-gallon plastic pot buried in the ground. The tree took off vigorously and started fruiting continuously for me since March 2022.

Insert more photos of the growing fruit tree here.

Sellers of Peanut Butter fruit trees:

  1. I sell air-layered Peanut Butter fruit tree for $45 plus shipping cost or $40 for local pickup in Oviedo, Florida. My quantity is very limited. Price is good through 2024.
  2. Fast growing trees sell this tree at a ridiculous over-price
  3. If you are a seller of this fruit tree and would like me to add your contact info on this post, message me your seller contact info.
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