Growing Different Varieties of Bok Choy

Zone 9B FL: This is an-going plant documentary of the different varieties of bok choy (AKA pak choi) that I am growing in my little garden. I bought all my pak choi seeds from Pan Asia Heirloom on Etsy. I also sell these seed packets for $1 each as part of my bundle seed packets deal.

Bok Choy Varieties

  • BC1. Petite F1 Shanghai Pak Choi – keeper
  • BC2. Dwarf Canton Pak Choi – keeper
  • BC3. Fun Jen F1 Frilly Leaf Taiwanese Pak Choi – TBD
  • BC4. WawaQing F1 Shanghai Pak Choi
  • BC5. Beijing Express F1 Romaine Pak Choi – TBD
  • BC6. Canton Pak Choi – TBD
  • BC7. Taiwan Pak Choi – TBD

Note: There are more than seven bok choy varieties, but above seven are what I am testing in my garden in Spring 2023.

General information

  1. Common names: bok choy, pak choi
  2. For sale at Asian markets: Bok choys or pak choi are common Asian greens that are sold in every Southeast Asian markets I have been to. More varieties of bok choys are commonly available in Chinese & Taiwanese markets versus a Vietnamese market. Petite Shanghai bok choy commonly known as baby bok choy is the most common bok choy available at the markets.
  3. Cooking: Bok choys are great in stir fry and soups although I prefer the dwarf or petite varieties over the big varieties. The bigger the bok choy variety is, the more water the fat stems will release into the stir fry and soup. This easily makes the dish taste bland and watery.
  4. Growing: Bok choys are annuals grown from seeds. I like growing the petite or dwarf varieties because I can fit two or three seedlings in one of my vertical hanging pot. I just need to grow 10 to 12 seedlings per batch once a month and that would be enough for my husband and me to consume year round.
  5. Light requirement: Bok choys grow well in full sun, part sun, or indirect light.
  6. Soil median: I have been using my potting mix #2 and growing the pak choi in small pots or at a 4 to 6-inch raised beds. It will grow fine in the ground.
  7. Watering: All my grown pak choi are being watered by the sprinkler system three times a week for thirty minutes each time.
  8. Common Pests: Flea beetles
  9. Nutritious benefits: Please do your own research. 😂 This is the boring part for me. I grow what I eat.

About the Bok Choy Varieties

BC1: Petite F1 Shanghai Pak Choi

Petite F1 Shanghai bok choy is often referred as “baby bok choy” but there are more than one dwarf bok choy variety. I tested the seeds in December, January, and February and it has a high germination result in all those months. This is definitely a keeper in my garden.

Insert photo of plant in four stages (seedling, mature, bolting, flowering, and seed)
Insert recipe link and photo of cuisine here.

BC2: Dwarf Canton Pak Choi

insert description – TBD – currently testing now

Insert photo of plant in four stages (seedling, mature, bolting, flowering, and seed)

insert recipe link and photo of cuisine

BC3: Fun Jen F1 Frilly Leaf Taiwanese Pak Choi

  • Variety: Frilly Leaf Pak Choi, brassica rapa var chinensis
  • Seed source: Kitawzawa Seed #265
  • Tested dates and germination rate: 3/3/23 – high
  • Days to maturity: 30-40 days
  • Mature size: TBA
  • Maturity weight: TBA
  • Characteristic: semi spreading, frilly wrinkled leaves with smooth white petioles
  • Heat tolerant: can be grown year round in sub tropical areas
  • Texture: tender crisp leaves making it great for stir fry and soup
  • recipe link:
  • visual growth progress:

BC4: WawaQing F1 Shanghai Pak Choi

insert image

  • Date tested & germination rate:
  • Days to maturity:
  • Mature size: This is medium size bok choy similar to the Petite Shanghai (baby bok choy) but bigger (about 5-6 inches at mature height).
  • Mature weight:

BC5: Beijing Express F1 Romaine Pak Choi

BC6: Canton Pak Choi

4/3/23: This is the large size bok choy. I don’t like cooking or eating this variety. One mature Canton is enough to feed a family of 6 eaters.

BC7: Taiwan Pak Choi

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