Vietnamese Choy Sum Soup – Canh Cai Ngot

Vietnamese choy sum soup (canh cai ngot) is a very quick and simple home-style soup that my mom would cook for the family on busy days when she needs a quick fix.  I have been seasoning this soup differently and at last, this recipe is toddler-approved as my little foodie compliments how delicious it tasted.  She likes the broth and choy sum, but not the shrimp or ginger though.

Serving:  I cook this soup in a 4 quart pot.
Prep and cook time:  30 minutes


1 bunch choy sum (cai ngot)
12-15 premium large dried shrimp
a few pieces of julienned ginger (or 1 tsp ginger powder)

For the broth:
1 Liter or 2 quarts of water
1 Maggi chicken bullion cube
2 Tbsp fish sauce
1 Tbsp sugarblack pepper to taste


1.   Chop, wash, and strain the choy sum.  Peel and sliced the ginger.

2.  In a 4-quart pot, pour in the water, dried shrimp, and ginger.  Season the broth with Maggi chicken bullion, fish sauce, sugar, and black pepper. Cook the broth for about 10 minutes for the dried shrimp to soften up.

3.  Bring the broth to a boil and then add in the choy sum. Cook the soup for about 5 minutes on medium heat or light constant boil.   Add more fish sauce and sugar to your taste.
4.  Serve with steamed jasmine rice.  Enjoy!
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