English & Vietnamese Alphabet Handwriting Practice Printables

Introduction: This post link is where I will be posting all my English and Vietnamese alphabet books and handwriting sheets I created for my students and children. Handwriting is a neglected skill in the American school system due to the increasing demand of technology integration but it has always been an important skill for me to teach my children and students. When my students struggle holding the pencil to form the lines and curves to form letters, writing will be a frustration.

Traditional Manuscript versus Modern Manuscript: First thing to do is decide whether you want to teach your child the traditional manuscript or the modern manuscript. I had training on how to teach modern manuscript handwriting when I taught kindergarten for Plano ISD in Texas. I prefer teaching the modern manuscript over the traditional manuscript transitions well to cursive manuscript later on. I think the problems relating to students struggling with handwriting may be that not all school districts adopt the same handwriting manuscript to teach students, not every teachers choose the same handwriting script or has proper training on how to teach handwriting, and individual’s perspective on whether teaching handwriting is a necessary and important skill or not. Majority of my kindergarten students have neat proper handwriting and are comfortable with writing because I focus on teaching proper penmanship from the correct pencil grasp to forming proper stroke marks for each letter.

Handwriting Printables by file name

1. Kindergarten Traditional Manuscript Alphabet Book (ENG)

2. Kindergarten Modern Manuscript Alphabet Book (ENG) – TBA

3. Kindergarten Traditional Manuscript Alphabet Book (VN) – TBA

4. Kindergarten Modern Manuscript Alphabet Book (VN) – TBA

5. Third Grace Cursive Handwriting Book – hopefully someday I’ll get to this point.

6. Assessments:

I purchase a teacher’s fonts package to create my own handwriting sheets for my students and kids. You can use the following website to help you create your own handwriting practice. https://www.handwritingworksheets.com/flash/dnealian/multiword/index.html

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