Seeds for Sale Inventory List

Seed inventory (updated 9/23/23): Zone 9B FL


Buy any 14 seed packets of your choice from my seed inventory list below for just $20 with shipping and packaging expense included. I only ship within the United States except Hawaii and Alaska. It would just be $15 for local pickup in Oviedo, Florida. Additional seed packets are just $1.30 each.

If you would like to be my seed buyer, contact me from this blog site or via Facebook messenger. Provide me the list of 15 seed packets you would like to buy. Please wait until I confirm I have all seed packets. Then we can proceed to payment.

Payment & Shipping:

I accept PayPal or Zelle. I do not accept credit card or snail check payments. I ship out on a Monday or Tuesday of each week. Once I ship out your seed, I will send you a screenshot of the confirmation tracking number.

Seed Inventory List

Notice: All my annonas seeds from 2023 harvest are sold out. Until next year.

Bok Choy (Pak Choi) varieties: There are many varieties of bok choy. My favorite varieties are always available in stock and there is 1/4 tsp of seeds per packet. All bok choy seeds are purchased from Pan Asia Heirloom Etsy shop if you want to order more than what I offer in these $1.10 seed packet.

  • PC1. Petite F1 Shanghai Pak Choi
  • PC2. Extra Dwarf Canton Pak Choi
  • PC3. Beijing Express F1 Romaine Pak Choi
  • PC4. *Frilly Leaf Pak Choi

(insert bok choy image at maturity collage here)

Daikon varieties: I grow daikons year round in Zone 9B and these are my favorite varieties out of 8 tested. Some daikon variety is crunchier than others making it suitable for pickling or kimchi while some varieties are suitable for stewing and braising. There’s 24 seeds per packet. All daikon seeds are purchased from Pan Asia Heirloom Etsy shop.

  • D1. Minowase daikon
  • D2. Wakayama daikon
  • D3. Shirahime Hatsuka Japanese Daikon: small and has 30 days to harvest time
  • D4. Green Shoulder Korean Radish
  • D5. TBA

Lettuces: There is 1/4th teaspoon of seeds per packet unless indicated differently. My favorites lettuces so far tested out of 18 are L1-L10 on the list below. All 18 lettuce varieties have high germination rate.

  • L1. Taiwanese AA Choi / Sword Leaf Lettuce (my favorite)
  • L2. *Summer 38 Celtuce
  • L3. Celtuce seed mix of Spring Tower Celtuce, Purple Tower, and ShiXinWoSun
  • L4. Okayama Japanese butterhead lettuce
  • L5. *Speckled lettuce (1/8th tsp)
  • L6. OutRedGeous Romaine
    L7. *Buttercrunch butterhead
    L8. *Bronze Mignonette loose leaf
  • L9. *Oakleaf Lettuce
  • L10. *Prizehead
  • L11. *Jericho romaine lettuce (1/8th tsp)
  • L12. *Cimarron lettuce
  • L13. *Red Velvet loose leaf lettuce
  • L14. *Merlot
  • L15. *Little Gem lettuce
  • L16. *Paris Cos Island lettuce
  • L17. Rouge D’Hiver lettuce
  • L18. *Marvel of 4 Seasons


  • H1. Cilantro (30 seeds)
  • H2. Thai Basil (sold out)
  • H3. Everleaf Thai Tower basil (sold out)
  • H4. Korean perilla (sold out)
  • H5. Culantro (sold out)

insert image


  • M1. Small Cai Choi Green to eat with bánh xèo
  • M2. Yu Choy Sum / Edible Rape / Chinese mustard / Cải xanh để nấu canh
  • M3. Mizuna Red Streaks Japanese Mustard Greens (reorder)
  • M4. Large Bamboo Leaf Gai Choi mustard (limited time)

insert image

Flowers: These are the flower seeds I have.

  • F1. Blue Butterfly Pea (20 seeds)
  • F2. Light Blue Butterly Pea (20)
  • F3. Lavender Butterfly Pea – sold out
  • F4. White Butterfly Pea (20)
  • F5. Roselle Hibiscus Sabdariffa (20)
  • F6. Cosmos Bright Lights – FREE!
  • F7. Dwarf Sunflower (2023) – NOT AVAILABLE – to be tested – This was a beautiful dwarf hybrid sunflower seed and I need to test Generation One seeds before making it available.
  • F8. Black Velvet Sunflower – (10 seeds) from Elena Calebra’s garden in Jacksonville, FL Zone 9A harvested 2023

insert image

Other Favorite Seed Packets: There’s 1/4th teaspoon of seeds per packet unless indicated differently. I purchased these seeds from Pan Asia Heirloom on Etsy. I have tested the with 95-99% germination rate and grows well in my garden in zone 9B.

  • 1. Medium Serrated Shungiku / Tong Ho / Crown Daisy – 1/2 tsp
  • 2. Large Leaf Sorrel – 1/8th tsp
  • 3. Lacinato Kale – 1/8th tsp
  • 4. *Baby Bubba Okra – 20 seeds
  • 5. TBA
  • 6. *Water Leaf – 1/8 tsp
  • 7. *Red Garnet Amaranth (Reorder)
  • 8. *Red Striped Amaranth
  • 9. *Wawacai Express F1 – looks like petite napa cabbage
  • 10. *Tokyo Bekana – Chinese summer cabbage
  • 11. Senposai
  • 12. Oriental Spinach (20 seeds)
  • 13. *Green Stem Malabar spinach (10 seeds)
  • 14. *Red Stem Malabar spinach (10 seeds)
  • 15. *Noodle King Yard Long Bean (20 seeds)

Chili Pepper Varieties: There’s 20 seeds per packet. H-Hot, S-Sweet

  • CP1. Orange habanero – H (x10)
  • CP2. Red habanero- H (not available)
  • CP3. Thai Dragon – H (x5)
  • CP5. Sugar Rush Peach – H (coming soon)
  • CP4. Bird’s Eye Chili – H (x5)

Seeds To Be Tested in My Garden: I have not yet tested the following seeds but I do have limited seed packets that I split up from my purchase for those who want to test it out too.

  • Red Tatsoi (x2)
  • Green Tatsoi (x2)
  • Sylvetta Arugula (x10)
FYI: Credit goes to Ethan who harvested the Roselle, Cosmos Bright Lights, and Yu Choy Sum seeds.

To my supporting seed buyers:

Merideth Konkel, John Biron, Linda Freud, Taylor Barnard, Kristen Preston, Kye Hing, Pamela Menapace, Christine Peacock, Luis Sandomingo, Veronica Rejman, Gurtrude McGillicutty, Melanie Wyatt Lynn, Deb Dye, Don Blackowiak, Stephan Coltharp, Judy Galloway, Ashley Basford, TraMy Đoàn, Harry Orourke, …

Thank you! – Snow Lam

Notice: All anonna seeds below that I harvested in 2023 are no longer available. Check back inventory next year. Atemoya season in zone 9B and 10B is around late July through October.

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