Seeds for Sale Inventory List

Seed inventory (updated 3/23/23): Zone 9B FL

The more you buy, the more you save on shipping. If you would like to be my seed buyer, contact and provide me the list of seed packets you would like to buy.

Thanks to the supporting seed buyers in the past two months, I was able to use the money I earned to buy bulk order of my favorite seeds for my garden and to help keep the cost low for fellow gardeners with a small garden like me. Now that I know what seeds I don’t like, it will be free until gone. All seeds are tested with high germination rate. I just don’t like eating the vegetable.

Payment & Shipping: I accept PayPal or Zelle. I do not accept credit card or snail check payments. I ship out on a Monday or Tuesday of each week. Once I ship out your seed, I will send you a screenshot of the confirmation tracking number.

Seed Inventory list:

  • Free: Bright Lights Cosmos (flower)
  • Free: Tatsoi
  • Free: Red Tatsoi
  • Free: Canton Pak Choi
  • Free: Mad Hatter Pepper
  • Free: Midori Giant Edamame
  • Free: Wawacai Express F1 – petite napa cabbage
  • Free: Minnesota Midget Melon organic

Lettuces – 1/4th teaspoon of seeds per per packet unless indicated differently

Heat tolerant lettuce varieties:

  • L1. Taiwanese AA Choi / Sword Leaf Lettuce ?
  • L2. Summer 38 Celtuce / Asparagus Lettuce
  • L3. Jericho romaine lettuce
  • L4. Cimarron lettuce
  • L5. Rouge D’Hiver lettuce
  • L6. Okayama Japanese butterhead lettuce
  • L7. Speckled lettuce
  • L8. Red Velvet loose leaf lettuce

Cool weather lettuce varieties:

  • L9. Spring Tower Celtuce or Purple Tower Celtuce or ShiXinWoSun Celtuce (one of these three will be available
  • L10. OutRedGeous Romaine
  • L11. Buttercrunch butterhead
  • L12. Bronze Mignonette loose leaf
  • L13. TBA
  • L14. TBA

Daikon varieties: I will always have these daikon varieties available.

  • D1. Minowase daikon
  • D2. Giant Formosa Daikon
  • D3. Shirahime Hatsuka Japanese Daikon
  • D4. Green Shoulder Korean Radish (20 seeds & low in stock)

Bok Choy (Pak Choi) varieties: Always available in stock and 1/4 tsp per packet

  • PPC1. Petite F1 Shanghai Pak Choi
  • PPC2. Dwarf Canton Pak Choi
  • PPC3. Beijing Express F1 Romaine Pak Choi
  • PPC4. Frilly Leaf Pak Choi

Other Seed Packets:

  • 1. Roselle Sabdariffa – 20 seeds
  • 2. Blue butterfly pea – 20 seeds
  • 3. Light Blue butterfly pea – 20 seeds
  • 4. White Butterfly pea – 12 seeds
  • 5. Available FALL 2023: Lavender Butterfly Pea
  • 6. Medium Serrated Shungiku / Tong Ho / Crown Daisy – 1/2 tsp
  • 7. Large Leaf Sorrel
  • 8. Lacinato Kale – 1/8th tsp
  • 9. Small Cai Choy Mustard Green to eat with bánh xèo
  • 10. Large leaf Cai Choi mustard green
  • 11. Baby Bubba Okra – 25 seeds
  • 12. Yu Choy Sum / Edible Rape
  • 13. Water Leaf / Jewel of Opar – 1/8 tsp
  • 14. Red Garnet Amaranth
  • 15. Mizuna Red Streaks Japanese Mustard Greens

I have not yet tested the following seeds:

  • Tokyo Bekana Chinese cabbage
  • Senposai
  • Huge Slicing Gailan / Chinese kale / Chinse Broccoli
  • Oriental Spinach Hybrid Seeds
  • Red Stripe Leaf Amaranth

Chili Pepper Varieties: All pepper seeds are sold out, I won’t have it available again until summer 2023 harvest time. There’s 25 seeds per packet.

  • CP1. Orange habanero – SOLD OUT
  • CP2. Red habanero- SOLD OUT
  • CP3. Thai Dragon – SOLD OUT
  • CP4. Bird’s Eye Chili – SOLD OUT
  • CP5. Prik Chi Fa Thai peppers – SOLD OUT
  • CP. Sugar Gold Rush sweet pepper – SOLD OUT

Thank you for supporting Mama Snow’s garden!

Supporting seed buyers: Merideth Konkel, Ron Brown, Linda Freud, Taylor Barnard, Kye Hing, Pamela Menapace, Christine Peacock, Luis Sandomingo, …

FYI: Credit goes to Ethan who harvested the Roselle, Cosmos Bright Lights, and Yu Choy Sum seeds.
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