Japanese Seaweed and Squid Salad

This quick and easy recipe for Japanese seaweed and squid salad mixture requires only four ingredients! It is delicious and perfect to make for a large potluck party. Thanks to sis Huyen Nguyen from Euless, Texas for teaching me how to make this.


  • 3 cups of Japanese green seaweed
  • 3 cups of Japanese squid salad
  • 3 cucumbers
  • 4-5 large carrots

Note: I used an equal amount of all those four ingredients regardless what of serving size. I used the amount above to make a medium size party tray for a potluck party. The Asian squid salad comes only in bulk size tub that I divided into three trays.  I used one to make a party tray salad and freeze the other two.


Slice the cucumbers and shred the carrots.  Then mix the four ingredients together. Keep this seaweed and squid refrigerated until serving. Last up to a week if you put the carrots and cucumbers in.  For this salad to last long, do not mix the cucumbers or carrots in until you are ready to eat the day of. 

Enjoy!  This was a hit at my friend’s potluck party.   Thank you Chi Huyen for teaching me how to make this delicious and healthy salad. 

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