Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce – Nước Mắm Chua Ngọt

It has a specific name called “nước mắm chua ngọt”.  I’m beginning to see many people get confused as some refers it to as “nước chấm” which just literally means a general term for any dipping sauce.  There are so many Vietnamese dipping sauces; therefore, it’s important to know the specific name of the sauce a person is looking for.

I will be using this Vietnamese sweet and sour sauce as part of my cooking ingredient in future posts.  Here is the formula to mix this sauce.  My “1 part” is a cup.  You can use a gallon size container to mix the sauce as long you stick to the proportions indicated.  Knowing this has helped me make the sauce with a consistent taste every time.

As for my homemade chili paste, for every cup of Thai chilies I put in a blender, I fill it up with 1/3 cup of vinegar.  This will preserve the chili paste from going bad.  Keep refrigerated.
Not: Keep refrigerated once the sauce cools down.  It has no expiration date.  
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