Instant Pot Yogurt – Da Ua Recipe

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The following pictorial for our Instant Pot yogurt recipe is an adaptation from Van Fulton’s recipe for Instant Pot Vietnamese Yogurt.  We had a hard time trying to find the exact ingredients so I tried to improvise using what we normally have.  This post is an ongoing documentation of the variations of yogurt we make using different milk, sweetened condensed milk, and yogurt with live cultures.

  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Cook time: 12-18 hours
  • Servings: 7 OUI yogurt glass jars
  • Gadget:  6-quart Instant Pot


  • 3 cups milk (Fairlife Ultra-filtered lactose free Whole Milk or Dairy Pure 2% Lowfat Milk)
  • 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk (Longevity Brand or Eagle Brand)
  • 4-oz Dannon yogurt (any flavor with live active cultures)

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We chose Dannon yogurt to make this homemade Instant Pot yogurt because my family likes it.   This was my baby brother’s first time eating with a spoon.  Oh what a mess!
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Important notes:

  • The 6-quart Instant Pot can fit up to 14 OUI French yogurt glass jars stacked up in two layers.
  • The white plastic lids used to cover the top of the OUI jars are on Amazon. It didn’t fit snugly so we placed saran wrap on the jar before closing it off with the lid to prevent moisture from building up.
  • The yogurt we use must labeled “live active cultures”.  Live active cultures are some kind of itty bitty organisms that you can’t even see with your naked eyes that turn pasteurized milk to yogurt during fermentation.  Fermentation is a big fancy word for me to understand so don’t ask me what it means.


1.  First, I measure out the ingredients.

2.  Next, I empty the Dannon yogurt into a mixing bowl.

Da Ua 101319 Step2

3.  Third, I dump the sweetened condensed milk into the mixing bowl.

Da Ua 101319 Step3

4.  Fourth, I use a whisk to stir until the yogurt and condensed milk are blended.

Da Ua 101319 Step4

5.  Fifth,  I pour the milk into the bowl and stir again.

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6.  Sixth, I spoon the mixture into the empty glass jars, cover the top of the jars with saran wrap, and then put a plastic lid on top. This is to prevent condensation building up in the jar.

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7. Next,  I pour a cup of water into the IP inner pot.

Da Ua 101319 (12)

8.  Then I place the seven yogurt jars into the pot.   The 6-quart Instant Pot fits up to 14 Oui jars so I sometime would use a different Dannon yogurt to make another batch.

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9.  Lastly, I need to press the Yogurt button on the Instant Pot and set to twelve hours for the first time making this yogurt.  If it is not tart enough, I would increase the hours next time.  Refrigerate or freeze the yogurt before serving.  Enjoy!

Da Ua 101319 Step7


Behind the scene:  

We failed our first attempt and learned that we must use yogurt with live cultures or else the mixture would not thicken.

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