Growing Red Garnet Amaranth

Zone 9B FL: This is my documentary how I grow the Red Garnet Amaranth. It’s my first time growing any kind of amaranth and I chose the Red Garnet because it’s a beautiful looking edible plant. Red Garnet amaranth is also a microgreen too.

2/10/23: I sow about 40 seeds straight into the ground. See where I circled it? I did use potting mix #2 recipe to cover the top three inches on ground surface before I sprinkle the seeds on.

Now watch it grow! Red Garnet amaranth takes about 60-70 days to maturity. My sprinkler system water them three times a week.

3/7/23: I started thinning the Red Garnet Amaranth out.

3/29/23: I do noticed a common pest is the aphids that like to hide underneath the leaves. I sprayed with water and it comes off.


5/2/23: These pictures mark the finale. LOL!
It’s about 6-ft tall and the heavy storm the past few days kind of blew it downward. I sow the seeds in early February so it lasted about a good three months.

Collecting the seeds: Gardening folks who grow Red Garnet amaranth says the seeds will fall to the ground and millions of amaranths will sprout up from the fallen seeds. It’s in the front yard and I need to make my front yard presentable so the anal HOA doesn’t give me a hard time. So I think I might try to collect the seeds before it falls down to the ground.
This is what Jay Reynolds from Florida Food Forest group on Facebook told me how to collect the seeds. I think I will give it a try.

(insert picture of seeds collected)

Now I will take it more seriously as an edible and sow it in the backyard for harvesting for Vietnamese amaranth with luffa soup.

Remember, I do sell the Red Garnet amaranth seeds. 1/4th teasooon of seeds is just $1 as part of the buy 15 for $20 with shipping cost included. (Priced for 2023 and will increase when USPS priority shipping increases.) See my seed inventory list at

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