Growing Jujubes

6/9/23: The story of my jujube trees ended here today. I am rehoming my mother-in-law’s large size super sweet unknown variety jujube and Honey Jar jujube trees that she propagated for us to Andrew Russell Birkett, co-owner of Froot Farms in Christmas, Florida.

The good side is if he is lucky and have the trees fruiting abundantly for him, my kids and I can come over to harvest the fruits.

Every year, mother-in-law would mail us a big box full of her homegrown sweet jujubes from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. My kids and I love munching on the super sweet crunchy Honey Jar jujubes. It’s peak fruiting season is late August in Oklahoma. My husband and son would visit mother-in-law and bring jujubes back home to Florida for me.

The large size sweet but unknown variety is great for dehydrating to add to desserts and soups as a natural sweetener. Check out my recipes with dried jujubes in the search tab.

Pictures of mother-in-law multiple varieties of jujubes in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma:

Will jujube trees survive and grow in zone 9B of Florida? Yes.

Will these jujube trees fruit in zone 9B of Florida? I don’t know. Hopefully Andrew Birkett of Froot Farms in Christmas, Florida will have good news to tell me one day.

Can you grow jujube in a pot? Yes for some certain number of time until it outgrow the pots and the tree can fruit while in the pot too. I have seen California growers growing jujubes successfully in pots using Jungle Growth potting mix though.

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