Winter Melon Soup with Pork Bone Broth #3

Usually after cooking up a big pot of bone broth, I’ll reserve about 4 quarts to cook some kind of soup and freeze the remaining broths in the freezer for future quick fix. This is my quick fix for winter melon soup using my homemade pork bone broth version #3.

  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Cook time: 20 – 30 minutes
  • Serving: I cook this soup in a 6-quart pot
  • Notes: There are several varieties of winter melons. The variety I used today came my MIL’s garden in Oklahoma. I have not seen this variety here in Orlando. It is my first time cooking with it. This winter melon variety is about 2.5 feet long with five inch diameter and each weigh about 3 pounds. The skin was very tough and hard to peel. My kids seem to enjoy eating this winter melon. I don’t. I prefer the natural sweetness from the fuzzy melon that my mom grows back in Texas. If you know the exact name of this winter melon variety, please do let me know.


  • 2 winter melons (see notes above)
  • 4 quarts of pork bone broth #3 version
  • salt or fish sauce to preference


1. Cut the ends off of the winter melons. Then use a peeler to peel the tough skin off. This winter melon variety is tough and much firmer than the fuzzy melon I have cooked with before. I cut this winter melon into three sections and then cut out the core.

2. Slice the winter melon in thin pieces or into cubed thicker pieces. Either way, try to stick to the same cut. The thicker the pieces, the longer the cooking time will be. My kids prefers the melons to be sliced into thin pieces for some reason.

3. Pour the cut melons into the pot of pork bone broth and cook on medium high heat for 20 minutes with light constant boil if it’s sliced thinly, 30 minutes if the pieces are cubed about one-inch thick. Done. I do noticed this winter melon variety does not have a natural sweetness like the fussy melon I have cooked with before. I ended up adding about half a tablespoon of salt or fish sauce to seasoned the soup because it was a bit bland.

Overall, I don’t like this winter melon variety, but still documenting the recipe for my kids because they seem to really like it. I won’t be cooking with this winter melon variety ever again.

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