My Atemoya Trees

This is a documentation of my atemoya trees.

This Geffner Atemoya tree was purchased from Nick’s Edibles on Facebook in 2019. I planted into the ground in November 2019 near the fence in the backyard. It was just one single continuous long grafted branch. I cut off the branch at 4 feet height so it can branch out more. Then I potted it up because it started to have scales infestations and I didn’t think it was happy in the spot near the fence. New branches shoot out and by July 2020, the side branches were about 3 feet long out. I sold it on Facebook to make room for my Dream Atemoya tree.

Below is a grafted Dream atemoya that I bought from Leaph Michaelson in West Palm Beach, Florida. The grafted incision has closed up and doing well in a pot. I’ll wait until the trunk is about three inches in diameter before planting it into the ground. Contact Leaph Michaelson directly on Facebook if you are interested adding a Dream atemoya to your edible food forest or edible garden.

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