How to Make Crushed Roasted Peanuts

When I was little, this was one of my least liked job to help my mom in the kitchen.  Back then, I literally had to peel off the peanuts’ skin one by one.  I got smarter when I got into college and figured my own shortcut how I could remove all the peanuts’ skin within the quickest amount of time.  Now I’m teaching my little chef how to make crushed roasted peanuts the way I do it. 


1 bag of raw peanuts


1.  Heat up a 12-inch pan or skillet (no oil or anything) until it is hot.  Then pour in the raw peanuts.  Immediately turn to medium to medium low heat. 

2.  Constantly stir the peanuts around so the peanuts are roasted evenly.  Don’t leave the stove.  Keep stirring until the shells cracks and you see the peanuts turning an even golden color. This process took me about maybe 8 minutes.

3.  When peanuts are evenly roasted, immediately transfer it into a plastic colander.  Let it cool down for about 20 minutes.

4.  Place the colander of peanuts over a bowl.  Rub the peanuts in between your palms as if you are lathering your hands with soap.

5.  Once all peanuts skin are removed, place it all in a one-gallon size freezer ziplock bag or divided into two batches to fit into a quart-size freezer ziplock bag. Seal the bag tightly.

6. Lay the bag flat down on a had surface. Take a pounder or whatever you call this tool and pound it on the bag for 100 seconds until all peanuts are crushed.  Count out loud!  

FYI: This tool of mine belonged to my mom.  It’s been around for more than 30 years old and made of solid hard wood!  My family used it to crack crab legs, lobster claws, crushed garlic, peanuts, rice…oh it’s been through so many uses! 


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