Chicken Udon Soup

My recipe for my chicken udon soup is loved by my nieces and my little foodie. There’s a variety of udon noodle soups but my family’s favorite is chicken udon soup. Udon is a type of thick noodle and commonly used in Japanese or Korean noodle soups.    I hope your little ones will enjoy it as much as my munchkin did. 

Note:  I used an 8-liter pot to make this soup for 6 people with seconds.

Cooking and Prep time: about 1.5 hour total or less depending on how well a person can multitask. 


For the broth:
1 whole free-range chicken (5.4 lb)
6 L of water
3 oz or 8 dried shitake mushrooms (premium grade)
1 piece of ginger (3 inches long)
1 yellow onion bulb
2 bunches of scallion
4 Tbsp vegetable oil
10 oz or more of enoki mushrooms
4+ Tbsp kosher salt
4+ Tbsp of pure cane sugar 
1/4 tsp black pepper
6 – 9 packages of udon noodles (see picture) 
Serve with the following ingredients:
2 limes
1 bag of baby bok choy
bean sprouts
soy sauce
fresh cilantro
soy sauce that came with the udon noodles or use Golden Mountain
homemade Thai chili paste (1 part Thai chili+1/3 part vinegar blended)

Cooking Directions: 

1.  Soak the shitake mushrooms.  Chop the scallions.  Peel the ginger and slice it in half.  Peel the onion but remembering not to cut off the end. 

2.  With the whole chicken, cut the wings and legs out.  Chop the chicken in half. Rub the chicken lightly with some salt.  (I used about 1/3 tsp kosher salt.)

3.  Fill an 8-Liter pot with 6 Liter of water.  Add in the ginger, onion, salt, sugar, and black pepper.  

4.  Bring the water to a boil and add in the chicken. Bring back to a boil on high and then lower heat to medium.  Cook the chicken for about 30 minutes on light constant boil.  Remember to discard the scum to make the broth clear. 

5.  While you are cooking the chicken in the pot, cook the quail eggs and prep the veggies.  In another pot, fill it up with water.  Bring the water to a boil, and blanch the baby bok choy for 1 minute.  Scoop it out and use that water to cook the fresh quail eggs for about 3 minutes.  Soak the quail eggs in cold iced water before peeling the shell.  Cut the ends off of the enoki mushrooms and rinse it. Rinse cilantro and bean sprouts. 

6.  When chicken is done, scoop the chicken out and shred the meat. I was lucky to have my sister help me do that today so taking pictures was much easier.  (Turn the heat to low.)

7.  While my sister helped me shred the chicken meat, I cooked the udon noodles.  I took the udon out of the small individually wrapped packages. I bought two bundles with a total of 6 packages.  I boiled 4 quarts of water with 1 Tbsp of vegetable oil and a pinch of salt added to the water.  Then I added the udon noodles and cook it on high for 2-3 minutes. Strain. 

8.  Make the scallion oil with 3 Tbsp of vegetable oil and the cup of chopped scallion.  Heat up oil and stir in the scallion. Stir and cook on high heat for about 1 minute or until scallion turns color.  Add the scallion oil into the pot of soup. 

9.  Add the shredded chicken meat and boiled quail eggs into the chicken soup. 

10.  Bring chicken soup to a boil and add in the enoki mushrooms. I also discard a layer of oily fat at the top surface.  

11.  Serve the chicken soup with udon noodles.  Squeeze in a piece of lime, add in the fresh cilantro, bean sprouts, and Thai chili paste if you want it spicy.  Add Golden Mountain soy sauce or the soy sauce packages that came with the udon noodle packages. 



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