Grafted Maria B. Avocado Tree

I finally started documenting the life and growth of my grafted Maria B. dwarf avocado tree from Leaph Michaelson in West Palm Beach.  This is an on-going documentation post of my avocado tree’s growth and I will update this post every season with pictures of my avocado tree. The date is imprinted on the image to indicate when the photo was taken to give you an idea of its life timeline.

Avocado Maria B. 031220 (1)




This grafted Maria B. avocado is a dwarf tree and can be potted in a 20 to 25 decorative pot or planted in the ground. I’ll have to find more information from Leaph Michaelson later but I’m excited with the fact that the grafted stem is at fruit bearing age.  Once this tree is strong enough, it will hold fruits.  No need to wait for several years. Leaph Michaelson offers hundreds of tropical fruit trees that are not citrus trees at great prices.  His fruit trees are only available for local pickups in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Leaph Michaelson is the admin of Florida Food Forest on Facebook group.


Avocado Maria B. 031220 (4)

04/23/20:  I transferred the grafted Maria B. avocado tree into a 3-gallon size pot.

Avocado Maria B. 042320

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  1. Do you have Leaph phone number and address? I wanted to get some grafted fruit trees from him. I don’t have Facebook or any social media. Thank you.

    • Hi. Sorry. I don’t give address to private properties. Leaph said to use Facebook Messenger to reach out to him. He doesn’t give out his personal number for strangers. Facebook messenger is free service. Just sign up an account and message him. I have only contacted him via Facebook.

  2. Thank you. My wife has a messenger and we tried to contact him but have not heard from him yet. Hopefully he’ll reply soon. Thank you.

    • I hope you were able to get in touch with Leaph. I sometimes go to West Palm Beach to pick up fruit trees from him. I also offer pickup for local folks in Oviedo/Melbourne areas

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