AP2 Atemoya

Zone 9B, Florida: This is my on-going documentary of my African Pride 2 (AP2) atemoya tree. This post will be updated periodically. (11/1/23)

This is the most current picture of my AP2 atemoya tree:

insert picture

The story begins:

Spring 2022: I bought this AP2 atemoya for $150 from Khang Nguyen on Facebook from California who is an atemoya collector and seller on Facebook Marketplace. Khang was recommended by Ed Bustamente, who used to be an atemoya collector in Florida.

4/16/22: I took my AP2 down to West Palm Beach so my friend Leaph could tree-sit my tree until it’s fruiting nicely. 😂

7/15/23: The last time I saw my AP2, there’s six atemoya fruits on the tree. I am going to pick up my tree to plant it in the ground. Leaph said he doesn’t hand pollinate any of the flowers. I am excited! This conclude that AP2 is a self pollinating Atemoya with high fruit production.

11/1/23: I up pot the AP2 from its 15-gallon pot to a 25-gallon pot. I went fancy and bought a Fox Farm potting soil for $26 a bag for the first time, to fill in the 25-gallon pot.

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