K1 Bilingual ENG-VN Sight Word Study & Fluency Reading Practice

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Sight word study and fluency reading are essential parts of my weekly lessons design to teach my children English and/or Vietnamese. This is one of the seven components of my weekly lessons. The fluency passages focus on kindergarten and first grade sight words and word families in English and/or Vietnamese with simple repeating sentence structures. Vocabulary words will have visual cue to help the little readers decode unknown words.

K-2 Sight Words – English sight words by grade K-2 varies from school districts but all English sight words are pretty much the same. I am using the sight words list from Seminole County Public Schools in Florida to guide me in creating the fluency reading passages.

Vietnamese don’t have “sight words” but I find it meaningful to teach them using the grades K-2 English sight words list translated into Vietnamese along with some words I find commonly used in my kids’ everyday spoken words.

Sight Word Study & Fluency Reading Practice – Sight words are in boxes and I use this top part to play “I Spy a Word” game with my son. I would point to a sight word in the sentence and he would try to find, point, and say the matching word in the box.

ENG-VN Fluency Reading Practice 1: letter Aa, short a word families or patterns

  • ENG Sight words: I, a, an, see, some, many
  • VN Sight words: ba, la, vì, trái, thấy, nhiều
  • Vocabulary picture cards: fruits

ENG-VN Fluency Reading Practice 2: Letter Bb, short a sounds and patterns

  • ENG Sight words: I, see, many, (numerals 1-10)
  • VN Sight words: ba, thấy, con, nhiều, và, (số #1-10)
  • Vocabulary picture cards: animals
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