Daily Alphabet Work Printables & Routines

I created the Daily Alphabet Work lessons to teach my four-years-old son the alphabet. The Daily Alphabet Work is a repetitive daily practice that focuses on handwriting and letter recognition. This routine lessons are ideal for kids in PreK and Kindergarten level. I start implementing this lesson and routine after my son master his name writing practice. The following activities are included in the weekly lessons:

  1. Daily Handwriting Practice: Student will practice writing the letter(s) of the week everyday using proper letter strokes for letter formation.
  2. I Spy: Student will search and circle or highlight uppercase and lower case letters and circle in charts, words, sentences, or using letter tiles.
  3. Letter Sort: Students will sort and stamp uppercase and lowercase letters using Melissa and Doug letter stamps or cut out letters to sort and glue onto a t-chart.
  4. Picture labeling: Student will look and say the picture name and label each picture with the letter for the beginning, middle, or ending sound.
  5. Letter Dictation Assessment: Student will listen and write down the uppercase and/or lowercase letter they hear in order. This is part of the end of week assessment.


Lessons Overview

Lesson 1: Aa

Lesson 2: Bb

Lesson 3: Ee

Lesson 4: Oo, Cc printable – uploaded 1/5/23

Lesson 5: Ii printable – uploaded 1/22/23

Lesson 6: Uu, Xx

Lesson 7: Ff

Lesson 8: Ww

Lesson 9: Hh

Lesson 10: Tt

Lesson 11: Ll

Lesson 12: Dd

Lesson 13: Nn

Lesson 14: Mm

Lesson 15. Pp

Lesson 16: Yy

Lesson 17: Jj

Lesson 18: Gg

Lesson 19. Qq

Lesson 20: Kk

Lesson 21: Ss

Lesson 22: Rr

Lesson 23: Vv, Zz

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