Growing Figs

Zone 9B FL: This is an on-going documentary of my fig growing experiences. This article covers the potting mix I use and the growth progress of the fig varieties I currently have in my edible garden and that includes Little Miss Figgy, LSU Golden Fig,

A. Fig Potting Mix Recipe

  1. 1/4 part peat moss
  2. 1/4 part fine pines
  3. 1/4 part perlite
  4. 1/4 part cow manure or mushroom compost
  5. 1 cup worm casting
  6. Add some fish scraps 1/4th way at the bottom of the top
  7. Fertilizer: mix in Berrytone fertilizer the top three inches around drip line

Based on what I learned, fig trees need acidic rich well draining soil. Most common varieties are probed to root knot nemotode in Florida’s sandy soil. Just to be safe, I decided to pot up all my fig trees as long as I can. I plant the fig trees in a 15-gallon to 25-gallon plastic pots that I bought from Greenhouse Megastore online.

B. Little Miss Figgy: 8/2021

I purchased two Little Miss Figgy from Home Depot online. The two plants arrived fruiting abundantly and very healthy. After researching on the different varieties, I chose two of Little Miss Figgy because they are considered a true dwarf variety that’s ideal for container planting. It’s mature size is 6 feet-tall and 6-feet wide. Little Miss Figgy has given me a high production of continuous fruits in 2022 from April to November. My little man loves it. Little Miss Figgy is definitely a keeper in our edible garden.

C. LSU Golden Fig: 11/2022

I bought the LSU Golden Fig from Nick’s Edibles in St. Cloud for $20 and the plant was about 3-feet tall and fruiting too. my son seems to like the fruit a lot. I thought the fruit was kind of bland. My friend said since the fruit was ripening in winter, it’s probably not it’s true taste. I need to wait til spring to give it another chance before I decide to keep this variety or rehome it.

D. Olympian Fig: 1/15/23

My Olympium fig is bought from Sherwood Gardens at Winter Park Farmers’ Market for $10. This fig plant is only 6 inches tall. I will have to update post when it starts fruiting.

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