Top Recommended Amazon Products for Baby 0-24 Months

I would like to share my most useful products and toys for both my babies from birth to when they are learning to walk. Links to the products on Amazon are posted at the bottom of this post. If you plan to make a purchase, you can help me make an earning by purchasing from the Amazon link I shared in this post. Thank you.

Baby products 0-24 Ethan Collage

Recommended products for the baby:

Ergo 360 baby carrier – This is a must for any parent.  Don’t forget to purchase the newborn insert for your newborn if you planned on taking your newborn out and about often.  I didn’t need a newborn insert for my first baby but did for my son when we had to take him on the airplane. 

Regalo bed guard – A friend gave us her Regal bed guard and it has saved baby  Ethan and me from falling off the bed many times since we co-sleep together in a full size bed.

Baby Care Play Mat –  My whole house has ceramic tiles.  I wanted to get rid of the nasty traditional upholstery rug that traps in dusts and dirt everyday.   So I replaced the rug with a play mat by Baby Care.  Their play mats has several double sided designs.  The mats are sturdy, durable, and waterproof memory foam play mats.  I purchased one and my family loves it so much that we went end up buying a mat for every room in the house. It’s so soft and cushioned. Baby Ethan wouldn’t roll over on the foam mat but he would roll and crawl everywhere when I bought this mat for him. 


large 24×24-inch foam mats – I bought several set of large foam mats to cover the entire baby playroom at the beginning when my first baby started crawling.  I recommend the large 24×24-inch mats over the small 12 x 12-inch foam mats with cute pictures and shapes that are detachable.  Why?  Because it was a pain in the rear when my babies learn to take the pieces apart but couldn’t put it back. I end up putting the little pieces back and if not, the opening gaps would cause a tripping hazard for them and me. So I toss out all the cute small foam mats and went for these big size one.  The more simple, the better for your sanity. 

bouncer – This is one of those must have baby items that are only useful and works for the first six months or until the baby can roll over. My babies took naps and play while laying in the bouncer, especially when they were sick with a stuffy nose. I love it because it’s a great photo prop since they can’t sit up yet. 

jumperoo – Pretty much any Fisher Price jumperoo would be great. My two babies love the Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo. It builds up their motor skills and leg muscles. Little Grace would be jumping and climbing around when she’s nine months old. It’pretty much useful until the baby started show signs of climbing.  I’m glad I got the Rainforest because it is great for either for baby boy or girl. 


walker – I had several walkers but soon realized a baby just need one good walker. Both my babies love the V-Tech Sit and Stand Learning Walker.

Melissa and Doug shopping cart – I love how this stainless steel shopping cart is so sturdy and reliable for years. It doesn’t rust and even has a brake system to prevent the child from tipping it over. My baby and toddler love pushing this cart around in the grocery market. The cart has space big enough to hold a gallon of milk and a few small snack boxes.

Ingenuity baby base 2 in 1 booster chair – My girlfriend recommended buying his when I told her my baby’s highchair takes up so much space in our little dining room. The chair is design to be strapped around a regular standard size dining chair.  I do recommend placing a bath towel folded in half under the booster chair to catch the grease and food that the little one throws or drops so that your padded dining chair won’t be dirty or ruined 

Play kitchen – Having a play kitchen promotes imagination and pretend play. Both my babies started playing in their play kitchen when they started walking between 12 to 14- months-old.  I bought a cheap small plastic Step 2 kitchen at first but then soon realized it wasn’t big enough and so I went for the Kid Kraft gourmet kitchen that resembles my own kitchen.  The realistic look made my kids excited and they took their pretend cooking seriously too. 

Pandaear silicon bibs – My girlfriend gave me hers and it has been a lifesaver.  The bib catches the fallen food that baby Ethan missed feeding into his mouth.  When I take him grocery shopping for more than an hour and he’s hungry, I’ll put the bib on him and place his snacks or food in the pocket.  It works great as a snack holder, not just catching the food. 

EZPZ Mini mat – It’s basically a silicon food mat/tray with dividers to separate the food.  My favorite feature about it is that my boy can’t slide it off the table. It clings to wooden and glass top surface.  You take it off by lifting it up. 

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