Bento Boxes & Thermos Product Recommendations

Product recommendations: I seriously spent over $300 the past 8 years buying all sorts of bento boxes and lunch bags and lunch boxes and thermos containers. It has to be practical, lightweight, not so bulky, easy to open for the kids, and easy to clean and wash. Note: I do receive commission if you choose to purchase any Amazon recommended products using the link I provided on my blog site. Here are some of my favorite product recommendations:

  1. Simple Modern’s 12-ounce hot food thermos at This size is ideal for elementary kids. A mom suggested to pour hot boiling water inside the empty thermos and empty it before putting the warm food in. This keeps the food hot longer.

2. Kinsho bento box with 3 dividers:

3. Kinsho bento box with 4 dividers:

4. Kinsho bento boxes with 3 and 4 divers deal:

5. Snaplock by Progressive air tight sauce containers fit perfectly for the Kinsho bento boxes. I found those at Target in Oviedo, Florida. The silicon cupcake liners can be used as additional dividers for small fry snacks.

6. My kids and I are always on the go. I found the insulated rectangular cooler bag that fits three bento boxes perfectly at Ross Dress for Less store. This ensure the food will not spill since it’s positioned upright at all times. Sorry, I forgot to snap a picture of the label and brand name. Not all similar cooler bags would fit the Kinsho bento boxes. I took the Kinsho bento box with me last time to the stores to make sure it will fit inside the cooler bags. =)

I thought I got it easy when both kids are at school. Last year, bringing homemade food wasn’t a thing for my daughter, and I sense she felt embarrassed when she brings lunch instead of buying lunch like all her classmates. That mentallity changed this year in fourth grade and she also have braces. Now my daughter looks at the monthly menu and tells me which day she wants to bring homemade food. Not only because she has braces, but she said mama’s homemade food tastes so much better.

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