Salted Duck Eggs Recipe – Trung Vit Muoi

I’m on a quest to learn how to make my favorite Chinese gourmet pastries filled with creamy mung bean, red bean, and taro paste with a salted egg yolk in the center.  This is the first part of the whole process, salting the duck eggs for the yolk.


1 gallon of water
2.5 – 3 dozen duck eggs
1.25- 1.5 cup salt
4 cinnamon sticks
10 star anise

Note:  I used a 8.1 quart Sterilite container and a Corelle deep dish.


1.  I got fresh farm raised eggs from a friend so I had to first wash and clean the eggs and inspect for any flaws.  Avoid using cracked eggs and discolored eggs with a dark or black coloring inside the eggs when you hold the eggs up in the light. One cracked egg is enough to ruin the batch of salted eggs.   Place eggs in a container, – glass jar or plastic container is fine.

2.  Boil water with salt for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Let it cool.

3.  Pour the cooled salted water into the container of duck eggs.  Toss in the cinnamon sticks and star anise.

4.  Place the Corelle plate on top to submerge all the egss.  Close the container lid tightly.  Date the container and set a reminder on the phone to take the eggs out 21-25 days to be eaten with rice or congee or 30 days to use the yolk for pastries.

I salted these eggs on Sunday, November 4, 2018.  To be continued.

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