Growing & Cooking Oriental Spinach

Oviedo, FL, Zone 9B FL: This is an on-going documentary of my experience growing Oriental Spinach in my garden. Oriental Spinach also known as Chinese Spinach is my favorite spinach variety for stir fry. I had success growing this from seeds in spring of 2023. So now I am going to document it’s full life cycle this time.

Where or who to buy seeds from: I purchased my Oriental Spinach seeds from Pan Asia Heirloom on Etsy. I am selling Oriental Spinach seed packets as part of my buy 14 different seed packets for $20 with shipping included promotion. There’s about 1/4th teaspoon full of seeds in each packet. I do not count tiny seeds. I just know 1/4th teaspoon of these Oriental Spinach seeds will last me a year if I plant about 15 seeds every month during spring and fall.

Note to self: Now before I forget, where did I sow my Oriental Spinach seeds? 😂 I sow 3 seeds per 4-pint seedling pot labeled 7B-OS and sprinkled seeds sporadically into a Grow Pro 10-gallon pot.

Germination Test:

  • Date seed sown: 10/28/23
  • Number of days to germination:
  • Transplant: Transplant into permanent place when seedlings are about 2 or 3 inches tall
  • Spacing: TBD
  • Days to harvest: TBA
  • Propagation: Propagation by seed is recommended. Propagation by cuttings failed.

Seedling Potting Mix: refer to Seedling Potting Mix recipe (attach link)

Raised bed or container potting mix: attach link

insert image of sprout

insert image of transplant

insert image for spacing

insert image for 2 weeks growth

insert image for 4 weeks growth

Insert image for 6 weeks growth

insert mature growth

insert bolting stage: flower bud, flower, seed

Recipe: enter Chinese spinach or Oriental spinach in my blog’s search box for recipes

insert images of homemade food with Oriental Spinach.

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