From a Vietnamese Bride’s Point of View to Other Brides

Being a beautiful bride on your big day is easy, but to be a beautiful bride from the inside and out will make your wedding day a wonderful memory for you and your guests.

Those that know me knows I am a lover of food and an active restaurant reviewer on Google Maps and Facebook. I recently attended a wedding and the bride called to insult me because she took my restaurant review of the food catering business she hired as offensive. This made me feel the need to inform and educate the future Vietnamese brides out there to understand a few things and see things from a different perspective before you call your guest(s) to yell and insult them. I also suggest some helpful ideas and tip if you are clueless on what type of food to serve your guests.

My Restaurant Reviews: I am an avid restaurant reviewer on Google Maps because I love eating out and documenting or writing constructive reviews on food that went into my belly. It helps me know where I have been to and what food my kids like or dislike and why we like or dislike it. I also have many followers enjoying reading my honest restaurant reviews. They find it helpful.

My NEUTRAL restaurant review about Viet Taste Restaurant & Catering Service is on Google Maps review.
I may took the review off Facebook because I respect the bride’s feelings and request even after she insulted me, but that Google Maps review is not going anywhere. Because of my review, a future bride decided to hire Viet Taste Restaurant and Catering Services.

Food catering ideas for the future brides:

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure what type of food to serve your guests? Think of the type of guests you are inviting. If you know you will have a lot of kids and elderly people attending, have items that are kid-friendly and not so hard or spicy as some choices. My wedding day was an important day of my life. My goal was not to serve the fanciest food, or food that I love the most, but food that I find may fit for the 260+ guests I invited. Everyone’s food preferences are different, it’s impossible to satisfy each and every guests’ preferences. So my goal is to make sure there are a variety of selections for vegetarians, meat-lovers and seafood-lovers like me, elderly Vietnamese people with brittle teeth or hardly no teeth, and kids. Whether the food is delicious or not, well, that’s for them to review about the restaurant I paid to serve them.

Be a Beautiful Bride with a Pure Heart Full of Respect for Others

That leads to respecting your guests’ opinion of the food they are served by a catering business you hired. Understand that your guests have the right to post and share a restaurant review about the food they ate that day. There’s no need or reason to take it personal and feel offensive about your guests’ opinion on food. Everyone’s food preferences and opinions are different. Respect that.

More importantly, any catering businesses are subjected to be reviewed by the people who tasted their food. It’s not like you are cooking for your guests. It’s a catering business.

To the Vietnamese future brides who loves NON-Asian food:

Pamper yourself and enjoy your favorite food on your wedding day if you feel that’s important for your big special day of your life. But if majority of your guests are traditional or elderly Vietnamese or Asian foodies, I really recommend having a few choices of Asian cuisines at your wedding reception. I attended an American-Vietnamese wedding in Texas over the summer. Majority of the guests were Vietnamese grownups (elders who are old enough to be the brides’ parents and grandparents) and the bride chose Mexican food to serve her guests. I felt bad for the elderly guests I witnessed. Many who drove 4-10 plus hours to attend the wedding left early because they were starving. They needed to find something they are accustom to eating. It’s not rude of the guests. In our Vietnamese culture, putting the elderly people in consideration is important and respectful. I had to pack backup food for myself and kids that day since I knew ahead of time the dinner reception is going to be serving Tex Mex. So I totally understand. No offense, I like certain authentic Latin food, but not Tex Mex.

The Traditions of Gifting Cash or Check

Vietnamese guests don’t come with cheap gifts, we come with cash or check. And the more we adore and love the bride/groom, the cash amount is a lot anywhere from $200 to thousands. So I think if I put my personal food preference on a side and think more for my Vietnamese guests by including some Vietnamese or Asian cuisines to make sure there are food that would at least fit their custom palette, it’s not a big deal. That’s just my bride-point-of-view. But I get it. There are brides out there who wants everything to be all about them on their wedding day and would never even think about the guests’ feelings and food preferences. So I totally get it.

To the type of bride who would call to insult her guest: This is the type of person with a narrow mind, selfish, inconsiderate, and lack respect for other people’s opinions on the food that went into their belly served by a catering business.

I have no intention to offend any bride or anyone with my honest restaurant reviews. If it is food served by a restaurant or catering business that goes into my mouth, I have the right to post a restaurant review. I have been a bride once and I would never feel offended or mad if my guests write and share their restaurant review of the business I paid to serve them. A bride who got married in Maitland, Florida on 11/13/22 called and insulted me saying I am “rude, brainless, and uneducated” because I posted a restaurant review about Viet Taste Restaurant & Catering Business. I am not offended but it’s such a shame for a beautiful bride to have such mentality to insult her guest like that. With a bachelor degree in education, I just learn that I clash with close-minded people like her who takes things too personally. It’s never too late to learn something new.

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