Creamy Peanut Plum Sauce Recipe

I love the cream of coconut milk and the tart of plum sauce taste; therefore, I have integrated these two ingredients into the traditional peanut sauce for pork and shrimp goi cuon (Vietnamese pork and shrimp spring rolls). Serving size: for 6-8 Vietnamese pork and shrimp spring rolls


  • 2 Tbsp Lee Kum Kee plum sauce
  • 4 Tbsp Hoisin sauce
  • 3 Tbsp coconut milk
  • 3 Tbsp peanut butter
  • 10+ Tbsp pork broth used from boiling the pork 
  • 1 Tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 tsp minced shallots

What I used at my mom’s house (6/27/18)

What I would use at my home kitchen. I recommend the Koon Chan brand for the plum sauce.


Step 1: In a bowl, mix 2 Tbsp Lee Kum Kee plum sauce, 4 TBsp hoisin sauce, 3 Tbsp coconut milk, 3 TBsp peanut butter, and 6 Tbsp of the pork broth used to boil the pork in. Stir. 

Step 2: In a little pot or pan, heat up 1 Tbsp oil. Toast 1 tsp minced garlic and 1 tsp minced shallots until golden. Turn to medium low heat. Pour in the mixture from part 1. Stir and bring to a light boil. Add more pork broth if it’s too thick. 

Step 3: 
Transfer sauce to bowl and top with spiracha or homemade chili paste and crushed non salted roasted peanuts. My taste buds are happy now. If I have some crunchy pickled carrots and daikon to add to this, it would be great.

Ingredients in each pork and shrimp spring roll:
thin vermicelli rice noodlesChinese chivesmint leavesgreen leaf lettucethin slice piece of cucumber some boiled sliced pork3 halves of tiger shrimp or jump shrimp 

If you are a spring roll lover, try all of these Vietnamese spring rolls! 
Here are a few you should try if you are a spring roll lover! 
Goi cuon tom thit = pork and shrimp spring roll with peanut sauce
Goi cuon thit nuong = charbroiled grilled pork spring roll with sweet and sour fish sauce
Goi cuon ca nuong = baked fish spring rolls fermented anchovies sauce
Goi cuon chao tom = fried shrimp paste spring rolls with special dipping sauce
Goi cuon nem nuong = Grilled Vietnamese sausage spring rolls with sweet and sour fish sauce

Behind the scene: 06272018
Someone had to photo bomb mommy’s food photography work…

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  1. Good Afternoon Mama Snow Cooks,

    The hubs and I really enjoy Goi Cuon. Usually these are served with a straight
    peanut sauce. Which I really like. Recently at a different Vietnamese restaurant.
    They were served with Peanut Plum Sauce. Oh YUM! If I were not preparing a
    pork dish for the PP sauce. Would I be able to substitute the pork broth with
    10 TBS of chicken stock? Also. Would I be able to eliminate the coconut milk?
    I don’t always have that on hand. Thank you.

    • Hi! You can try substituting with chicken stock and eliminate the coconut milk. You are your own chef after all. =) This recipe is just to show you how I make my own version of peanut plum sauce. I like the hint of some coco nutty flavor so that’s why I added coconut milk. As for the pork broth, that’s how I learned the traditional way of making this sauce, but water should also be fine. I believe if you use water, and omit the coconut milk as well, the sauce last longer in the fridge. The coconut milk and any stock in the sauce will make the sauce expire earlier.

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