Raising Coturnix Quails: Week 2-5

Raising Coturnix Quails: Part 4: Week 2-5 From Brooder to Quail House

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Between Day 10 to 14: I would try my best to keep the baby quail chicks in the brooder for two weeks but that 25-gallon pot can’t fit 30 fast-growing baby quails quite well. Before transferring the baby quails to the quail house out on my patio, I clipped the first layer of the birds’ wings. Clipping the wings off prevents the bird from flying high and far away if they do escape.
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Week 2: I saw a listing on Facebook Marketplace from someone selling a Little Tikes playhouse for just $50. A light bulb struck me. I thought this would make a nice quail house extension for my kids to come into the house to play with the quails too. So I bought it.

The weather was kinda on and off with chilly windy nights. I notice the quail chicks would huddle together closely to keep themselves warm. When temperature dropped down to the fifties, I was worried and made my husband insert the heating lamp into the quail house like this for three days.

I upgraded to the feeder purchased from Lowe’s. I highly recommend this feeder. It’s big and wide and so sturdy. I like the lid on top so we can easily pour more food. It’s hassle-free and mess-free for me.

Week 3: Day 21 (Feb. 11)
It didn’t took me long before I realized the Little Times playhouse idea was not a good idea for the person who does the cleaning and that’s me. The quails poop all over the floor and after two days, my patio stinks. Getting in and out of the house to chase the quails into their house was not a pleasant experience with the poopy slippery floor. The poop odor and waterer combined attracted a lot of mosquitos and flying pests. So after a week, I replaced the playhouse with a utility box I bought from Lowes. I cut a hole big enough for the quails to walk through, lay down a layer of cardboard on the bottom, place the waterer inside the box and finally close the lid. This helps keep the mosquitos away and makes it so much easier to clean.

I used a paper tray as the container for the sand baths. It’s made by Lakeshore brand, very thick, sturdy, and fits nicely into the quail house.

I raised the feeder up with a 7×7-inch and 1.75-inch thick paved from Lowes. No more messing with the food for these quails when the food is within their standing reach where they don’t have to bend their neck so low to eat.

Week 4: February 12-18, 2023

Maybe I am slow at this aspect but I am starting to notice the developing feathers on the quails breast to signify if they are a male or female. Male Coturnix quails have a golden brown chest. Female Coturnix quails have a black and whitish patch of feathers on their chest. Insert picture.

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Week 5: February 19-25, 2023

I tried to transfer as many young quails into the double tier quail cage. Each tier fits 15 to 18 quails. I cut an opening between the compartments to allow the quails more space to roam back and forth.

Raising Coturnix Quails: Part 5 Covers Week 6 and up, and general information about raising quails

Week 6+: February 26+

Coturnix quails are capable to start laying eggs as soon as six-weeks-old if they are healthy and happy. By now, the

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