What Am I Growing?

Updated 8/4/23: “What are you growing Snow?” Here is the list of all the plants that I grow in my garden by category. Annual plants are planted according to season. There are short term and long term commitment plants, seasonal plants, and experimental plants. There’s always something changing in my garden since I don’t like looking at the same plants year round.

A= Annual P= Perennial D= Daikon L=Lettuce CP= Chili Pepper BC=bok choy / pak choi * = heat tolerant

Annual Lettuce varieties:

  • L1. *Celtuce: Summer 38
  • L2. Celtuce: Spring Tower & Purple Tower Mix
  • L3. AA Choy (Swordleaf Lettuce)
  • L4. Prizehead lettuce – loose leaf
  • L5. *Speckled lettuce – bibb
  • L6. Red Velvet Lettuce – loose leaf
  • L7. *OutRedgeous – loose leaf
  • L8. Buttercrunch – bibb
  • L9. Bronze Mignonette – bibb
  • *Cimarron – romaine – testing
  • *Red Leaf Fire – testing
  • *Merlot – romaine – dislike taste
  • *Jericho – romaine – dislike taste
  • *Okayama – bibb – slow grower

Annual Daikon varieties: I grow daikons year round.

  • D1. Minowase Daikon
  • D2. Giant Formosa Daikon
  • D3. Hirashime Hatsuka Daikon
  • D4. Green Shoulder Korean Radish
  • Wakayama Daikon – testing

Annual Bok Choy/Pak Choi varieties:

  • BC1. Petite F1 Shanghai Pak Choi
  • BC2. Dwarf Canton Pak Choi
  • BC3. *Fun Jen F1 Frilly Leaf Taiwanese Pak Choi
  • BC4. Beijing Express F1 Romaine Pak Choi

Annual / Perennial Chili Peppers:

  • P1. Red Habanero pepper
  • P2. Orange Habanero pepper
  • P3. Bird’s Eye Chili pepper
  • P4. Thai Dragon pepper
  • P5. Sugar Rush Peach pepper
  • P6. Japanese Santaka Pepper
  • Testing: Brazilian Pequinho Pepper
  • Testing: Japanese Shishito pepper (perfect for roasting)

Other Seasonal Annual Edibles: plants planted according to its season

  1. Blue Butterfly Pea
  2. Light Blue Butterfly Pea
  3. White Butterfly Pea
  4. Lavender Butterfly Pea
  5. Roselle
  6. Rice paddy herb
  7. water leaf / Jewel of Opar
  8. Korean perilla
  9. Large leaf sorrel
  10. Yellow stem Chinese celery
  11. Yu Choy Sum – cải ngọt
  12. Small leaf Gai choi – cái bẹ xanh
  13. Crown daisy (tần ô)
  14. Red Garnett Amaranth
  15. Red Striped Amaranth
  16. Cilantro
  17. crab claw herb
  18. culantro
  19. Senposai
  20. Oriental spinach hybrid

Testing to see if I want to grow them again or add them to my “never plant again black list” 😂 :

  • Rainbow Carrots – testing – 67 days to maturity – puny itty carrots – dislike
  • Moonglow Tomato – slow – diebacks, dislike
  • FengYuan Eggplant – dislike
  • Ichiban Eggplant – like
  • Golden Cherry Japanese Hybrid Tomato – fruity sweet flavor – love!
  • Prik Chi Fa Thai chili pepper – slow growth, weakling, not spicy, thick skin, mild sweet – dislike
  • Huge Slicing Gai Lan – TBD
  • Tokyo Bekana – TBD

Perennial Edibles:

  1. spearmint
  2. peppermint
  3. fish mint
  4. Aloe Vera (da đam)
  5. Vietnamese coriander (rau râm)
  6. Chinese chives (hẹ)
  7. Taiwanese bunching scallions
  8. Magenta plant (lá cẩm tím)
  9. Magenta plant (lá cẩm cam)
  10. grass jelly vine (sương sâm)
  11. Telosma Cordata (hoa thiên lý)
  12. Cây lá giang
  13. lemongrass (West Indian)
  14. Piper Sarmentosum (lá lốt)
  15. Rau húng
  16. Pandanus amaryllifolius (dứa)
  17. Cuban oregano
  18. Variegated Cuban Oregano
  19. Green stem spinach malabar
  20. Red stem spinach malabar
  21. galanga (riềng)
  22. culinary ginger
  23. Spiral ginger (sour and yellow)
  24. Hawaiian ginger Costus Barbatus (sweet and orange)
  25. Edulis tbc

Fruit Trees in Ground: (Banana is not a tree.)
Note: Asterick mean I have no serious commitment with those plants for a long term owner/plant relationship. 😂

1. Sri Kembangan starfruit
2. Maria Black Avocado
3. Mahachanok mango
4. Pickering mango
5. Geffner atemoya
6. PPC atemoya
7. AP2 atemoya

8. Dwarf Thai Namwah
9. Green sugar apple
10. Red sugar apple
11. Viente Cohol*
12. Pisang Raja*
13. Yehuda loquat*

14. Peanut Butter Fruit*
15. TR Hovey papaya*

Orange Sherbet mango (to be in ground)
Pram Kai Mea Mango
Buttercream Mango (to be fostered – still searching for an ideal friend to let me plant it on their property. 😂 )
Red Jaboticaba (2)
Lisa Atemoya
Miracle Berry
Goji Berry
June plum*
Little Miss Figgy (2)*
Barbados cherry (x2)*
Savannah Cherry*
Black Jam Berry *
Cherry of the Rio Grande
Grafted abiu
Pitomba Cherry
Jackfruit (from Shuja)
Longan (from Leaph)*
Thai Mulberry*
Kaffir/makrut lime tree*
Sweet tamarind*
LSU Purple Fig* (treesitting for Luke)

Fruit trees to be added or germinating:
Grumichama cherry from uncle Vu’s seeds
Variegated banana* from Leaph

Fruit trees that other people fostered or treesitting for me: 😂
Scarlet Beauty Plum* – Hung, Orlando
Trompo Canistel* – Hung, Orlando
3 sugar apple trees* – Hung, Orlando
1 calomondin tree – Hung, Orlando
Pakistani Mulberry – Mike Elson, Ruskin
Kaffir Lime- Dani, Melbourne
Beauty plum – Hung, Orlando

Tomato varieties: Japanese Golden Cherry hybrid tomato

Non-edible plants:
Dwarf Tibouchina
Sunshine Ligustrum
Banana Shrub
Jasmine “Grand Duke of Tuscany”
Coconut Orchid (x2)
Assorted coleus*
Da Vincas*
Peacock Orchid*
Iris tbc*
Ground orchid tbc
Some kind of Ty variety tbc
Double petal jasmine tbc
Bright Lights cosmos

ALL the plants I have once planted and no longer on my property: This list is much longer than the above.

A. Plants I have rehomed or sold and don’t want to grow it again in this small tiny yard unless I have an acre of land:

  1. Pakistani Mulberry tree
  2. Coconut Cream mango tree
  3. Pim Seng Mun mango tree
  4. Siatong Mango tree
  5. Green Caimito tree
  6. Moringa tree
  7. Jamaican Strawberry tree
  8. Emperor Lychee tree
  9. Fuyu Persimmon tree

B. Plants I have planted and will NEVER again because I just don’t like growing it or don’t like the smell or taste of it: that’s another long list too. 😂

  1. Thai White Guava tree
  2. Green seedless clementine tree
  3. Day Avocado tree
  4. Dwarf Everbearing tree
  5. Sweetheart lychee

Spinach: Okinawa
Spinach: Longevity
Cucumber: tbc
Eggplant: Feng Yuan
Eggplant: Ping Tung
Pepper: Thai Prik Chi Faa

Tibouchina Granulosa (Glory Tree)
Paperwhites – stinky flowers
Perennial Peanut ground covering

  1. Sri Kembangan starfruit
  2. Maria Black avocado
  3. Peanut Butter Fruit (temporary)
  4. TR Hovey papaya (2-year commitment)
  5. Jaboticaba Sabara
  6. Dream Atemoya
  7. Geffner Atemoya
  8. Pickering mango
  9. Mahachanok mango tree
  10. Red Sugar Apple
  11. Green Sugar Apple
  12. Yehuda Loquat
  13. Meiwa Kumquat (it’s not happy with me)
  14. Cherry of the Rio Grande
  15. Dwarf Thai Namwah
  16. Veinte Cohol dwarf banana (testing)
  17. Pisang Raja dwarf banana (testing)
  18. * Leaph’s seedless guava (reserved)
  19. Pram Kai Mea Thai mango
  20. Mahachanok Mango

Potted Fruit trees: They are potted because it’s high maintenance, slow grower and I want to maximize my planting space, or aggressive grower and I only have short term commitment for keeping them as long as I can in a pot.

  1. Kaffir Lime
  2. Calomondin
  3. Little Miss Figgy (x2)
  4. Butter Cream Mango
  5. Orange Sherbet mango
  6. PPC Atemoya
  7. Kestrel Blueberry
  8. Makok Sapodilla
  9. Red Jaboticaba x2
  10. Leaph’s mom longan variety from VN
  11. Lisa atemoya
  12. Thai Mulberry
  13. Miracle Berry
  14. June Plum
  15. Sugar apple batch #4 (Aiha’s sugar apple seeds)
  16. Savannah Cherry
  17. Barbados Cherry (x2)
  18. Australian Beach Cherry
  19. Pitomba cherry (weakling)
  20. Black Jamberry

Perennial Fragrant Flowering Plant collection:

  1. Telosma Cordata (edible flower)
  2. Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine
  3. Double Flowering Crape Jasmin
  4. High Fragrance #3 Camellia Japonica
  5. Banana Shrub
  6. Jessi & Perkins Elliot tea rose
  7. Tea rose

Useless Ornamental Plants: *Native plants for the anal HOA ARC committee to look at since they complained I don’t have similar plants like everyone else in the neighborhood. I made sure I have more than my neighbors growing in the front yard to shut their mouth. For the other plants, I have temporary commitment until I get bored looking at them.

  1. French Marigold*
  2. Bright Light Cosmos*
  3. Da Vincas*
  4. Assorted Coleus*
  5. Kalanchoe
  6. Dahlias (4)
  7. Camellia Lillian Gordy japonica
  8. Double-Take Scarlett Storm quince
  9. Brazilian Red Cloak
  10. Dwarf Princess Tibouchina
  11. Blue Daze*
  12. Walking Tiger Eye Iris*
  13. Ground Orchids*
  14. Blanket Flower*
  15. Sunshine Ligustrum*
  16. Ti Plant
  17. Butterfly Bush – diseased and out

The following are fruit trees I rehomed to local folks who became my friend and said my kids and I can come to harvest the fruits when it grows big and fruit abundantly:

  • Jamaican Cherry/Strawberry – rehomed to Walter D.
  • Fuyu Persimmon – neighbor across the street
  • Sabara Jaboticaba – rehomed to Brian Borger
  • Trompo Canistel – rehomed to Hùng Hùynh
  • Scarlett Beauty plum – fostering to Hùng Hùynh in Orlando
  • 3 sugar apple trees – temporary letting Hùng Hùynh babysit them for me until Spring 2024 – 😂
  • Honey Jar jujube – rehomed to Luke in Orlando and Andrew Russell Birkett of Froot Farms
  • MIL big sweet jujube variety rehomed to Thao Tran and Andrew Russell Birkett
  • Big Calomondin – fostering at Hung
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