What Am I Growing?

Updated 3/18/23: “What are you growing Snow?” This long list is the answer to the most commonly asked question that gardeners ask me. I am never going to be able to answer that question in person because no one is ever going to remember all the plants growing in my garden. 😂

Here is an updated list of all the plants growing in my garden by category.

A=Annuals P=Perennials D=Daikon L=Lettuces CP=Chili Pepper BC=bok choy / pak choi

Annual Lettuce varieties:

  • L1. Celtuce: Summer 38 – heat tolerant
  • L2. Celtuce: Spring Tower
  • L3. Celtuce: Purple Tour – testing
  • L4. Celtuce:
  • L5. AA Choy (Swordleaf Lettuce)
  • L6. Marvels of Four Seasons
  • L7. Red Velvet Lettuce
  • L8. OutRedgeous Lettuce
  • L9. Okayama Japanese butterhead Lettuce
  • L10. Speckled Lettuce
  • L11. Prizehead Lettuce
  • L12. Bronze Mignonette Lettuce

Annual Daikon varieties:

  • D1. Minowase Daikon
  • D2. Giant Formosa Daikon
  • D3. Hirashime Hatsuka Daikon
  • D4. Green Shoulder Korean Radish

Annual Bok Choy/Pak Choi varieties:

  • BC1. Petite F1 Shanghai Pak Choi
  • BC2. Dwarf Canton Pak Choi – keeper
  • BC3. Fun Jen F1 Frilly Leaf Taiwanese Pak Choi
  • BC4. WawaQing F1 Shanghai Pak Choi
  • BC5. Beijing Express F1 Romaine Pak Choi

Annual / Perennial Chili Peppers:

  • P1. Prik Chi Fa Thai chili pepper
  • P2. Orange Habanero pepper
  • P3. Red Habanero pepper
  • P4. Thai Dragon pepper
  • P5. Japanese Shishito pepper (sweet)
  • P6. Sugar Rush Peach pepper (sweet)
  • P7. Mad Hatter pepper
  • P8. Japanese Santaka Pepper

Other Annual Edibles:

  • Blue Butterfly Pea
  • Light Blue Butterfly Pea
  • White Butterfly Pea
  • Lavender Butterfly Pea
  • Rice paddy herb
  • water leaf / Jewel of Opar
  • culantro
  • Korean perilla
  • crab claw herb
  • culantro
  • Chinese yellow stem celery
  • Large leaf sorrel (lá chua)
  • Roselle Sabdariffa
  • Yu Choy Sum – cải xanh
  • Tong Ho / Crown Daisy
  • Rainbow Carrots – testing – 67 days to maturity
  • Small Cai Choi – mustard green – ideal for summer crop
  • White Pearl F1 Bittermelon
  • Crystal Apple Cucumber
  • FengYuan Eggplant
  • Ping Tung Eggplant
  • Suncherry Tomato
  • Moonglow Tomato
  • Honey Sweet Honeydew – testing – to be harvested 5/10
  • Mountain Sweet Yellow watermelon testing – to be harvested 15/23
  • Sugar apple batch #4 (Aiha’s sugar apple seeds)
  • Red Garnet Amaranth
  • Midori Giant edamame

Perennial Edibles:

  1. spearmint
  2. peppermint
  3. fish mint
  4. chocolate mint
  5. Aloe Vera (da đam)
  6. Vietnamese coriander (rau râm)
  7. Chinese chives (hẹ)
  8. Taiwanese scallions
  9. Greek oregano
  10. Italian parsley
  11. lemon basil
  12. Thyme
  13. Sage
  14. rosemary
  15. grass jelly vine (sương sâm)
  16. Telosma Cordata (hoa thiên lý)
  17. panadol
  18. lemongrass (West Indian)
  19. lacinato kale
  20. Magenta plant (lá cẩm)
  21. Pandanus amaryllifolius (dứa)
  22. Cuban oregano
  23. Ramie (lá gai)
  24. galanga (riềng)
  25. culinary ginger
  26. Leaf of Life kalanchoe
  27. Piper Sarmentosum (lá lốt)
  28. Dwarf Greek Basil
  29. Korean Licorice Mint – testing – very slow grower
  30. Everleaf Thai Towers Basil

Fruit Trees in Ground:

  1. Sri Kembangan starfruit
  2. Maria Black avocado
  3. Leaph’s seedless guava
  4. Peanut Butter Fruit
  5. TR Hovey papaya
  6. Dwarf Thai namwah
  7. Jaboticaba sabara
  8. Dream Atemoya
  9. Geffner Atemoya
  10. Pickering mango
  11. Thai mulberry
  12. Sugar Apple (Red)

Potted Fruit trees: They are potted because it’s high maintenance, slow grower and I want to maximize my planting space, or aggressive grower and I only have short term commitment for keeping them as long as I can in a pot.

  1. Kaffir Lime
  2. Calomondin
  3. Meiwa Kumquat (sweet)
  4. LSU Golden Fig
  5. Little Miss Figgy
  6. Orange Sherbet Mango
  7. Creme Brulee Mango
  8. Variegated Centennial Kumquat
  9. Kestrel Blueberry
  10. Trompo Canistel
  11. Makok Sapodilla
  12. Emperor Lychee
  13. Leaph’s mom longan variety from VN
  14. Lisa atemoya
  15. Pakistani Mulberry
  16. Sugar Apple
  17. Pitomba cherry
  18. Miracle Berry
  19. Australian Beach Cherry seedling
  20. Cherry of the Rio Grande seedling
  21. Yehuda Loquat
  22. June Plum

Perennial Ornamental Plants:

  1. Cassia Bicapsularis*
  2. Dwarf Princess Tibouchina*
  3. Blue Daze*
  4. Walking Tiger Eye Iris*
  5. Yellow Hawaiian Butterfly ginger
  6. Purslanes*
  7. Sunshine Ligustrum*
  8. Ground orchids
  9. Camellia Lillian Gordy japonica*
  10. Camellia High Fragrance japonica*
  11. Banana Shrub
  12. Double-Take Scarlett Storm quince
  13. Rose
  14. Dahlias
  15. Brazilian Red Cloak

Annual Ornamental Plants:

  1. French Marigold*
  2. Bright Light Cosmos*
  3. Da Vincas*
  4. Assorted Coleus*
  5. Assorted petunias*

*Useless ornamental plants classified as Florida Friendly plants planted for the anal HOA ARC committee to look at since they complained I don’t have similar plants like everyone else in the neighborhood. I made sure I have more than my neighbors growing in the front yard to shut their mouth.

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