Red Rocket Crape Myrtle – Lagerstroemia indica “Red Rocket”

Red Rocket Crape Mrytle (7)

I’m documenting the growth of my very first crape myrtle.  After intensive research, I decided to plant the Red Rocket crape myrtle from Fast Growing Trees online.  I planted the tree in late fall of 2018 when it was about 3-feet tall. The Red Rocket CM is doing very well and showing off its first bloom. I have planted and transplanted this crape myrtle three times within three months until I finally decided to plant it near my mailbox along the curbside and it adjusted to its location well.  The tree was in dormant stage at the time. To fertilize it, I’ve been burying my vegetable and fruit compost around the tree about two feet away from its base.   I’ll update this post each year with a picture of it’s growth.  – Central Florida – Zone 9B

Red Rocket Crape Mrytle (5)


Red Rocket Crape Mrytle (8)

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