Plants Sale for Local Pickup in Oviedo 32765

Inventory updated 9/22/23

Buy 10 Different Plants for just $25!
This is my local edible gardening promotion deal for local pickup in Oviedo 32765 near Stenstrom Elementary. My annual vegetable seedlings for sale are only available in the early spring and fall when I sow seeds for my garden.


  1. Plants Inventory List
  2. How to Make a Purchase
  3. Payment Options
  4. Plant Sizes

1. Plants Inventory List updated 9/22/23

P=perennial A=annual F-fruit plant
NA = not available for the moment

  • P1. Taiwanese bunching scallion
  • P2. Chinese chives (clump size)
  • P3. Lemongrass C. Citratus (clump)
  • P4. Cuban Oregano
  • P5. Variegated Cuban Oregano (1)
  • P6. Piper lolot / Lolot Sarmentosum
  • P7. Waterleaf / Jewel of Opar
  • P8. Galanga ginger
  • P9. Canna Edulis (2)
  • NA. P10. Fish Mint – diếp cá
  • NA. P11. Vietnamese coriander – rau râm
  • NA. P12. Spearmint
  • NA. P13. Peppermint
  • NA. P14. Blue Ginger
  • NA. P15. Culinary Ginger
  • NA. P16. Spiral Ginger
  • NA. P17. Arrowroot
  • A1. Thai basil
  • A2. Everleaf Thai Tower basil
  • A3. Crab Claw Herb
  • A4. Red Stem Spinach Malabar
  • A5. Green Spinach Malabar
  • A6. Rice Paddy Herb (ngò ôm)
  • A7. Regular scallion
  • A8. More annuals seedlings will be added as my seeds start to germinate
  • F1. Goji Berry (x3)
  • F2. Sugar Apple seedlings batch #5 (x10)
  • F3. Dwarf banana varieties are limited to one for this $25 bundle deal because I sell them $10 each locally. Dwarf Thai namwah (x1), Viente Kohol dwarf banana (x1), OR Pisang Raja dwarf banana (NA).
  • Coming Soon! Wish me luck! Hopefully if all my seeds start to germinate or when my mature plants produce more again. I will have the following added to the above list:
    F. Lisa Atemoya seedling
    A. Sugar Rush Peach pepper
    A. Black Cherry tomato
    A. Japanese Golden Cherry tomato (my favorite and it taste sweet and fruity)
    A. Ice cherry tomato
    A. Sugary Hybrid Cherry Tomato
    A. Sunrise Bumblebee cherry tomato
    A. Broad leaf sorrel
    A & P. Lacinato kale
    A. Dwarf Sunflower
    A. Sylvetta Arugula
    A. Senposai Komatsuma
    A. Wawacai (looks like petite Napa cabbage)
    A. Small gai lan (to eat with Vietnamese bánh xèo)
    A. Red Stripe Amaranth
    A. Fun Frilly Leaf Bok Choy
    A. Oriental Spinach (my favorite spinach for stir fry)
    A. Summer 38 celtuce

How to Make a Purchase

Pick any 10 DIFFERENT plants of your choice listed below for just $25. I will add more to my list as my seedlings start popping up. I have a tiny garden and can only assist one buyer at a time. If you are interested in purchasing a set of ten plants for $25 from me, please message your list of plants on the day you are ready to pick them up. It’s best to check the inventory list below first too since I update it often after each plant sale and as my seeds starts germinating and growing.

Payment Options:

I accept cash, PayPal, and Zelle payments. I only pot plants if it’s paid in advance prior to arrival. I also do not reserve plants overnight if it is unpaid for.

Plants’ Sizes:

Annual seedlings are in 4-inch pots while perennial plants may be mature plants that are clump size. Fruit tree seedlings are very limited and only available for this deal as long it fits in a 4-inch pot. Banana plants, ginger plants, lemongrass clumps, and any mature plants will not be potted but bagged up since they are big.

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