Mama Snow’s Backyard Edible Garden

Zone 9B Florida: This is my on-going documentary for my edible garden in the backyard and listing of all edibles growing in the back yard. My mind goes blank when folks ask me what I am planting in my garden, so I created a visual layout map of my backyard and plant lists to share easily.

Updated 9/17/23: Backyard edible garden layout – I’m currently reworking the layout of my backyard garden after selling and rehoming my Thai mulberry tree and Sabara jaboticaba tree.

8/22/23 Backyard edible garden layout:

plastic 12-inch high boxes

Fruit trees/plants planted in ground:

  1. Thai Dwarf Namwah
  2. Dream atemoya
  3. Geffner atemoya
  4. Pickering mango
  5. Pisang Raja banana
  6. Viente Kohol banana

Fruit trees in 15-gallon or 25-gallon pots:

  1. Little Miss Figgy
  2. Leaph’s Longan
  3. Lisa Atemoya
  4. Buttercream Mango
  5. Pram Kai Mea Mango
  6. Orange Sherbet mango
  7. Miracle Berry
  8. Goji Berry
  9. Barbados Cherry
  10. Australian Beach Cherry
  11. Savannah Cherry
  12. Pitomba


  1. Spearmint
  2. Peppermint
  3. Fish mint
  4. Chocolate mint
  5. Pineapple mint
  6. Culantro / sawtooth herb
  7. Vietnamese coriander / rau râm
  8. Chinese scallion / shallots


  1. Jewel of Opar
  2. lettuce
  3. daikons
  4. broad leaf sorrel
  5. Alocasia gigantea
  6. Taiwanese Sword Leaf Lettuce / AA Choy
  7. Celtuce
  8. Kale

Other edible plants:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Chili peppers
  • Sugar apple seedlings
  • Telosma Cordata / Hoa Thiên Lý
  • Shampoo Ginger
  • Galangal Ginger

Ornamental plants:

  • Tahitian Flame Variegated Butterfly Ginger
  • Cream Yellow Butterfly Ginger
  • Cassia Bicapsularis
  • Dwarf Tibouchina #3
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  1. I would like to ask what your closest major city is. We are 9B and JacksonvilleFL. Curious how Lychee, mango, and daikon are holding up. Also may have noticed Jaboticaba in one post, not sure if we can grow here, any thoughts?

    • Jacksonville is upper north in classified as zone 9A, not 9B. My friend lives in Jacksonville and have trouble keeping her tropical fruit trees alive and surviving the winter. You definitely can grow daikons in Jacksonville. I’m not sure with the other fruit trees. I’m in zone 9B, central florida near Orlando. We don’t get the multiple frosty freezing nights like in Jacksonville. That’s detrimental to tropical fruit trees.

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