Growing Tomatoes

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10/12/2023: Zone 9B FL – I am very determined to grow tomatoes, but not just any tomatoes. They must be cherry tomatoes that have a sweet and fruity taste and flavor. 😂 I tested the Golden Cherry Japanese Hybrid Tomatoes in the spring and for the first time in my life can say I love tomatoes!

Learning to grow tomatoes has been a roller coaster ride for me.

Tomato varieties I have try growing and will grow and result whether I like to grow and eat it or not:

  • Roma Tomato – poor fruit production, plenty at the market
  • Florida Everglades tomatoes – grows wild and dislike taste
  • Golden Cherry Japanese Hybrid Tomato – sweet and fruity, love it, a must have in my garden
  • Sugary Black Cherry Tomato – TBD
  • Ice Cherry Tomato – TBD

Prepping the Pot:

For this experiment, I used a 12-gallon plastic barrel plant from Lowe’s. I drilled 8 holes two inches from the bottom evenly around the sides using a 3/4-inch drill bit. (I was recommended to use 1-inch drill bit and drill a hole or two on the bottom of the pot as well but I didn’t do that this time.)

Preparing the Potting Mix:

I filled the bottom of the pot with three inches of fine pine mulch. Then filled 2/3 of the pot with Jungle Growth Potting Mix. I then added a scoop of crushed crab and lobster shells and a scoop of crushed eggshells. Finally I topped it off with about three inches of my seedlings potting mix. Refer to my Potting Mix Recipes post in gardening tab.

Companion Plants for Tomatoes:

I research for a list of companion plants and what plants are bad to plant with tomatoes. So based from (source link), I chose to plant my Thai basils and Chinese chives around and near this potting cherry tomato.


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