Growing Spinaches

Zone 9B FL: This is a documentary of my experience growing the different varieties of spinach so I can keep track what I like and what I would never waste my time planting again. 😂

Green or Red Stem Malabar Spinach: This is a common spinach sold at the Asian markets. I grow this to cook luffa with spinach malabar soup. Seeds purchased from Pan Asia Heirloom on Etsy. There’s a green stem and red stem variety. They both taste similar to me.

Oriental Spinach: Spring 2023 was my first time growing and eating this spinach variety. It has a similar taste to regular baby spinach. I really like the buttery taste and texture of Oriental Spinach and will definitely add it to my edible garden collection. I purchased the seeds from Pan Asia Heirloom on Etsy. The seeds have high germination rate and sprouted quickly.

Egyptian Spinach Molokhia: This is the first and last time in my life growing Eqyptian Spinach Molokhia. I was curious. The seeds have high and quick germination rate. I was not thrilled with the bland dull paper-like taste when I finally could taste it.

Okinawa Spinach: Okinawa spinach has a plain dull taste. It propagates well from cuttings. This is another spinach I do not like to eat.

Longevity Spinach: I had once tried to grow this from cuttings. The cuttings rooted easily. I just stick it in the ground and it just starts rooting within a week without rooting harmone. Some kind of bugs kept munching on the leaves. I do not like the taste and texture of longevity spinach, and particularly the flavor of this spinach so out it goes.

To be continued…

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