Growing Green Caimito Tree

I’m documenting the life of my Green Caimito tree that I purchased from Leaph Michaelson in West Palm Beach, Florida. This tree is now in my backyard in zone 9B of central Florida. This is a grafted tree. Contact Leaph Michaelson on Facebook if you are interested in purchasing a grafted green caimito tree from him.

I planted this Green Caimito tree in May of 2020. I gave it a bag of garden soil and a bag of Black Kow. So far it is pest resistance and foliage is a healthy beautiful green. I document the date in each picture for you to see its growth over time. Leaph’s tree is planted in front of his house with full sun and it’s four years old and fruiting nicely. I’ll update the growth of this tree twice a year until it gives me fruits. =)

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