Growing Bunching Scallion

Zone 9B FL:

This is one of my most commonly used herb in my edible garden. It is known as Chinese or Taiwanese Bunching Scallion, a native of Southeast Asia. The bunching scallion is perennial, and keeps bunching.

Seed: My bunching scallion started from seeds from my friend’s parents who gave me the seedlings to grow. You can purchase the bunching scallion seeds from Pan Asia Heirloom on Etsy.

Plant for sale: I do sell and offer to ship rooted live bunching scallion but recommend you save the money to grow them from seeds instead.

Soil: organic potting mix with at least watering from my sprinkler system

Watering: 3 times a week by my sprinkler, too much standing rainwater can cause root rot

Light: full sun in spring, fall, winter, but prefers part shade in the hot summer here in Zone 9B of Florida.

Propagation: This variety bunches so I just split it into fours and replant until they clump into a bunch to separate again.

Harvesting: tbd

Culinary uses: Chinese or Taiwanese bunching scallions are similar with regular scallion is that they have hollow leaves. These bunching scallion grows as a perennial, has a crisp texture that’s great for Asian stir fry dishes and has a natural sweetness when cooked. The leaves are slimmer than regular scallions. I recommend growing bunching scallion for your stir fry dishes.

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