Grace Nhi Crochet Journey Started 7/6/22

This is an on-going documentary for Grace’s crochet journey to be updated as she progresses on to the next lesson.

July 7, 2022: My daughter has always been fascinated watching me crochet hats, garments, flowers for her when she was a toddler. She has been asking me for a while to teach her how to crochet. I finally did. I am very proud of my daughter’s quick learning skill. The first beginner lessons to crochet and Japanese crochet she has mastered:

  1. How to roll a skein of yarn into a ball
  2. How to start her first loop
  3. Recognize symbol and crochet a chain stitch
  4. Recognize symbol and make a slip stitch to join or end her work.

With these basic introductory lessons, she was able to crochet her own simple rings and necklaces. She’s very hooked on crocheting. I hope it will mark a wonderful beginning crochet journey for her. She even prepped a crochet tub with her yarn and kits to take with her when she rides in the van now. LOL! Watching her so focused on crocheting is like looking at my own self when I first got excited with crocheting.

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