Homeschooling Routines and Schedule Setup

I have several people asking for a copy to print out the visual aids I created on Word for my daughter’s homeschooling routines and schedule. So here it is.

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I print and cut these out and display it on a pocket chart which I staple onto the wall at home. I set up a star points system. Nhi and I sat down together to discuss and create a list of rewards she can trade in her points at the end of the day for completing each task.

I give her the most points for tasks she hates to do the most or what I feel is important in hope to motivate her. Points value for completing each task and for how much each reward or incentive is worth is up to me. I change it anytime needed. The points system started out with just 1, 3, and 5 points worth for each completed task. But since she is now learning how to count by fives and twos, I am changing the points value in groups of twos and fives for my daughter to get used to counting. (I print out little stars and cut it into small pieces to use as her points. You can be creative with this part.)

Rewards my daughter could trade in her star points are:

  • bread with nutella (5 points)
  • candy (10 points)
  • her favorite snack (10 points)
  • one 30-minute episode of PBS Kids (20 points)
  • one episode of kiếm hiệp (20 points)
  • lunch or dinner from fast food restaurant (40 points)
  • J-Petal, her favorite eat out place (40 points)
  • new toy (100 points)

It seems a lot of tasks to complete. Luckily, I don’t have my daughter do all the tasks in one day. I prioritize what’s important to me and for her. Writing frustrates her so it’s a twice a week routine. Everyday core subjects include Việt Ngữ, English word study, reading, handwriting, and math. Social studies for her age is pretty much learning how to get along with her little brother and communicating nicely and showing good manners and respect for now. Electives are completed at least once a week such as gardening, cooking, science experiment, art, and music.

English Word Study block:

Grace spent two weeks learning 10 new high frequency words. She has to be able to recognize and read the word instantly, spell and write it correctly, be able to identify the words in sentences, and write sentences using the word. When we are running behind schedule, I would drill her with flash cards.

English Word Study

Reading Time:

Reading time is anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. I pick decodable leveled books for Grace to read at her independent and guided level. Right now, she’s mainly reading books from Epic website offered through the Seminole County website. After reading, I would ask Grace comprehensive questions to check her understanding. A writing response may be a follow up activity at times.

Math Time

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