How to Grow and Extract Pandan Leaves

Growing & Extracting Pandan

Pandan plant (pandanus amaryllifolius ) originated from Southeast Asia.  Its leaves are extracted to make a fine natural green food coloring with a unique aroma that are used in many Asian snacks and desserts’ recipes.

Central Florida, Zone 9B: Here is my pandan striving very well in my backyard.  I have tried to grow pandan for two years now.  I planted a few plants in different areas in the backyard and so far, pandan seems to strive in rich soil with constant moist and damp soil.  It didn’t do so well being planted near the AC drip pipe since it doesn’t tolerate cold well either.  The pandan plant needs partial sunlight and shade.  Pandan strives in tropical climate and can be a bit tricky in zone 9B.  My mom lives in Dallas Texas and she brings it into the house whenever the temperature falls in the forties. Growing & Extracting Pandan (2)

I bought the baby pandan plant from Van’s Nursery in Apopka, FL.  Potted pandan plants can occasionally be available at Vietnamese markets. If you are in Orlando area, check with Tien Hung and Tan Tien Market. If you prefer ordering online, I recommend buying live plants through Etsy from my experiences.

How to Extract the Pandan Leaves:

Growing & Extracting Pandan Plant

Cut the leaves close to the stalk.  Wash and rinse the leaves well to remove any dirt. Cut or chop the leaves into small pieces about 1/4th-inch length.

Growing & Extracting Pandan (5)

Using the big cup from a 900-watt NutriBullet blender, fill it up with the cut leaves to the max line. Pour in 3/4th cup of water.  Blend well.

Growing & Extracting Pandan (8)

Pour the blended mixture through a cheesecloth laid over a mesh strainer.

Growing & Extracting Pandan (10)

Pour the pandan extract into a jar. Seal it with an air tight lid. Store it in the fridge for the next day to let it settle. Pour out about the clear liquid in the upper half portion of the extract. (I used an empty OUI French glass yogurt jar here.)

Growing & Extracting Pandan (15)

I was able to store in the fridge for about three weeks.  I use this much natural pandan extract for the following recipes:


  1. Hi Snow,
    I love how you involve and make your kiddies a part of your creative endeavors. 🙂

    Anyway, I came across your blog while searching for pandan plant in the Orlando area. You mentioned in your blog that you had purchased a baby pandan plant from Van’s Nursery in Apopka Fl. Can you please provide me with a contact info and address? I live in Apopka, and have no luck at locating this nursery online for their info. I would greatly appreciate your help in getting in touch with them. Thanks!

    • Hi Ann, last time I heard during the summer from a few friends of mine said that Mrs. Van closed her nursery shortly after her husband past away. She’s an elderly lady and couldn’t handle the nursery by herself. You can definitely find it available at Lotte Market market in the spring time for $9.99 per pot.

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