Growing and Caring for my Atemoya Trees

Central Florida, Zone 9B: This post is an on going documentation of how I grow and care for my atemoya trees and pray that it will not die on me.  Atemoya is a hybrid of sugar apple and cherimoya. This fruit tree goes dormant in the winter time.

I currently have two atemoya trees in the backyard where it gets morning shade.

Atemoya trees2019

I planted my first atemoya tree from Van’s Nursery in Apopka, Florida in May of 2019.  This tree costs $99.  It was six foot high and in a 7-gallon container when I purchased it. I’ll refer this tree as V’s Atemoya. It was nice and healthy for a couple of months and then it started getting some bug problems.  Someone at Lucas Nursery explained to me that there’s some kind of bug that’s attacking the tree from the root system and going up eating the inner bark of the branches.

November 3, 2019: I planted my second atemoya tree from Nick Finan in St. Cloud, Florida.  This tree costs $40. It’s basically a long grafted branch when I first saw it.  It keeps growing taller and taller.  This tree will require multiple pruning.  I will need to prune it in Spring 2020 before the bud breaks.  “The first topping is to create desired trunk height. After the first initial topping the two lead new growths will have to be pruned again after it reaches 4 to 5 feet for more ramifications.” (Leaph Michaelson)

To be continued…. I’ll come back in Spring to update this post.




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