The Life of Our Thai White Guava Tree

My little man and I have been busy working in our backyard project as we transform it into a little food forest.  This post is an ongoing documentation about the life of our Thai white guava tree.

I purchased this 4 feet Thai white guava tree for $40 from Nick Finan in St. Cloud, Florida.  Nick has a Facebook page called “Nick’s Edibles” if you want to check his inventory out.

November 3, 2019 (110319) – My little man and I planted the Thai white guava tree in our backyard where it gets morning shade.  We dug a hole four times the size of the 3-gallon container and fed the tree with one large bag of StaGreen garden soil and one bag of Black Kow.

To be continued…. I’ll update this post whenever I prune, fertilize, harvest, or need to treat any kind of tree sickness.

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