Butterfly Pea Flower – Clitora Ternatea


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Butterfly pea flowers / hoa dau biec/ butterfly is a climbing vine specy.  Documenting how we grow and use our butterfly pea flowers. There is a single layer of petal variety that resembles a butterfly when in full bloom.  I have the double petal layers so it doesn’t look anything like a butterfly.  Thank goodness that this flowering vine is not a caterpillar host plant. The blue flower can be extracted to make a nice deep natural blue food coloring.  I planted my pea vine from seeds ordered on Amazon.

080119 Butterfly Pea Flowers (2)

080119 Butterfly Pea Flowers (4)

  1.  We can use the flowers to make a nice blue, purple, or pink colored butterfly pea flower tea. 

072519 Butterfly Pea Flower Tea MSC

2.  The extract from the flowers can be used to make blue sticky rice. (will update this post with link someime)



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