Thai Chili Paste

Homemade Thai chili paste is something all Vietnamese cooks should have in their fridge.  I learned how to make this from my Mom.  I remembered how she would make my brother and I harvest all her Thai chilies in August in the garden when we were little when it’s time to make homemade Thai chili paste to store in the refrigerator for the coming year.


1 part Red Thai chiles
1/3 part vinegar


Chef Grace helped sort the red and green chiles outs.
Mama took the stems apart.  This is not recommended for the little chefs to do because they may rub their hands on their eyes and sting their eyes.
Fill the chiles up in a smoothie cup blender. Then pour vinegar to one-third of the height of the cup.
Blend well, and keep adding more chiles if there’s still room until there’s no more space left in the cup as you blend the mixture.
Store the Thai chili paste in an air tight glass container in the refrigerator.  It can be kept up for more than a year.

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